Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Diary of the Miratombo..

...continuing Endgoes diary of the Miratombo trekkers!!

Day 7
We left the mountain of military station and continued our trek. When we got to our end point, we searched for somewhere to stay. Finally we reached a local school but unfortunately it was closed so we stayed in building next to the school. It was still under construction but there were lots of rooms to sleep in and a common area for cooking - it's certainly better than staying in tents!

Happily, Bravo 3 visited us today and delivered our food drop plus fresh fruit, water and sausage - oh my god... SAUSAGE for dinner!!! We almost forgot the taste of sausage - thank god and thank Bravo 3!!

Day 8
Our rucksacks were super heavy again after the food-drop however our spirits and energy were very high after a nice food and sleep. We walked 16km in just 5 hours today. During the day we passed through an impoverished area of Esteli and while it can be distressing it is also amazing to have such experience to see the slum side of a city. During each rest break we would find check the map in order to reach every checkpoint before our end destination although we did get slightly lost in the countryside we figured out a right way shortly afterwards. We arrived at the community at noon and enjoyed delicious local food and coffee. At night everybody was hyper active but without any reasons. We like our group and our trek.

Day 9
Relaxing day! We climbed through a few hills in three hours stopped and settled down at a local restaurant – there's nothing to do but enjoy life and a barbeque dinner. Life is short, catch your time and have fun.

Day 10
After downhill with million rocks and uphill with around 60 degree slopes finally we reached a hidden village in Nicaraguan mountains. There's a beautiful waterfall here and, with help from a few locals, we managed to locate it and swim around in our first waterfall of the trek. We are proud to be adventurers.

Day 11
Today was Saturday; we had a half day walk and planned to stay in a school for rest however the school was closed and the locals could not find the key for us. Finally we stayed in a local family's house. It is very small and our roll mats are practically connected each other - how close we were!

Day 12
Muddy boots and muddy body – we’re exhausted but enjoying the muddy life! Our hearts felt tense because we thought the second food drop was missing but we found it in the end. Everyone recharged their energy with a shower after reaching the checkpoint however two of our soaps were eaten by a pig - one was mine!

Goodbye for now - I'll share with you more at the end of the trek.

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  1. Tom Harrison X-ray 2. Hi tommy, it all sounds fantastic, can't wait to see you and here your stories. All good here, Georgie s results were good, she will tell you herself! I have done all forms for Durham. We had fun in Cornwall with Rach and rich last week. See you in a weeks time. Love you lots xxxx



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