Monday, 6 August 2012

Fighting the good fight for the turtles at Playa Hermosa

After the end of phase one, things changed a bit within Raleigh. The previous groups were all mixed up and changed from being called Alpha's to being called Romeo's. It was a great chance to meet new people and make new friends.

Before we knew it, the newly formed group of R3 had arrived at the turtle conservation beach named Playa Hermosa.

The conservation zone ( situated along the Costa Rican coastline facing out to the Pacific Ocean ) sees hundreds of turtles and thousands of eggs each year.

The main type of turtle seen here are Olive Ridley, green and even sometimes leatherback turtles. In the photo on the left, you can see the hatchery that Raleigh built - where we bury and guard the turtle eggs until they hatch.

Our main work here is to patrol the beaches and protect the turtles and their eggs from poachers and predators. The patrols are at night and lit by moonlight only as we cannot use torches for fear of frightening the turtles or advertising our location to poachers - it has been great to see the beach with no artifical lights in this way. If any eggs or nests are found, our job is to move the eggs into the hatchery as quickly as possible.

We were all lucky enough to spot at least 4 turtles. Overall phase 2 so far has been an unforgettable experience and none of us can wait to see what is next.


  1. Louise McKenzie6 August 2012 at 15:51

    For Matt McKenzie, Romeo 6

    Wow - the school building project sounds incredible. What a great opportunity. I can't wait to see photos of the Sports Day - did you manage to run in any races or are you still resting the ankle? I'm still hoping you are going to get it healed enough to try the trek phase again in stage 3.
    Did you get the chance to help out with teaching the kids? I'm sure your Spanish is improving in leaps and bounds.

    Don't be in any hurry to get home - temps hit 105 again today and the upstairs air conditioner has broken again. They're coming to fix it, hopefully properly, this afternoon.

    Anyway, not much other news since yesterday, just wanted to check in and say hi. Text or call us when you get back to base.

    Love you


  2. Caitlin McGlynn Romeo 4 Private

    Hi Caitlin,
    Your results where great!!!
    Hope you are good with them!
    Modern Studies B
    Biology C
    English C
    History C
    Maths Inter 2 B

    Well done we are so proud of you and all the hard work you have done. So pleased they are all passess but I know what you where wanting B,s

    Heading off camping now! miss you so much love Mum xxxxx

    the man in the office said you are heading back to base camp for change over so hopefully hear from over the next few days.

    P.S Luke got credit in all of his apart from Pyhics

  3. Message for Rebecca Atkinson, Romeo 5.
    Hi Becca!
    Hope you are having an amazing time on your community project and eating lots of gallo pinto! I bet you are getting strong now and developing some beautifully muscular arms from all the digging and carrying heavy things up hills.
    I have been on holiday and now back in London for the olympics which is fun. Team GB are doing well and we are third in the medal table at the moment. I went to the women's water polo on sunday which was cool and now I know the rules! Don't think I will be playing though, they are vicious!
    Laura, Becka and I are looking for a new house at the moment, 2 and a half weeks away from being homeless but I am sure we will be nicely settled somewhere by the time you get back!
    Lots of Raleigh love from Cat xxx

  4. To Emma Smyth Romeo 1

    Big up yourself! Hope you are doing grand and legs are still working!

    Everyone back here send their love, especially vito and bushy. We're all so proud of you and I'm sure you are having a great positive impact on the venturers and locals you meet along the way. The Olympics have been awesome so far- I went to watch some of the football today with Saj.

    Can't wait to hear all about it, I hope you can remember everything in detail!
    Get the fluids in and keep shovelling that snow!
    Rambo xx

  5. Message for Carlo Marescotti Romeo 5

    Ciao Carlo , come sta andando? qui a Londra tutto bene...le olimpiadi sono quasi finite e ci siamo divertiti un sacco...abbiamo visto la squadra femminile di fioretto vincere l'oro settimana scorso and it was really great! ora non vedo l'ora di andare in vacanza anche io per un po.

    ci vediamo settimana prossima
    bacio grande

  6. To Alannah Howie Romeo 3
    Hi Alannah
    Reading the blogs everything sounds amazing,hope u r having a great time, we all miss u including Jack (he has taken to sleeping at the end of your bed,.. just joking)we r all really proud of u especially Ellie, she can't believe ur in the 'jungle' sleeping in a hammock. Keep up the good work,say hi to Sarah love from Home x



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