Wednesday, 29 August 2012

From beach to jungle

We departed from Playa Hermosa on Friday and arrived in Carara National Park to greet X-Ray 4 as it was time to swap camps with them. We set up camp in the jungle; it rained constantly and Emma awoke in a paddling pool! Jed, Emma and Sarah made Banoffee Pie for the group to celebrate the start of our new phase in the jungle.

On Sunday, the lovely park ranger, Oscar, showed us around Carara. Soheba spotted a poisonous dart frog during the walk. The following day the rangers moved us from our jungle camp due to the rising river presenting a risk of visiting crocodiles! The whole team rallied together and we moved everything to our new camp. Jed and Jason transported more than their fair share of kit and we trekked the 3km to our new home. Work in Carara is really satisfying; we are rebuilding the tourist trail after flood damage and clearing the drains.

Updates on the team: Isabel and Sarah spotted a family of monkeys really close to the ground today. Henry got some amazing wildlife shots. Raymond redeemed his cooking skills by making us a lovely lunch! Josue has repeatedly had to defend himself in the game Mafia, saying "I'm Costa Rican - pura vida - I'm not mafia!". Along with games of cards, the whole team has been entertained by Jed's endless comedy!

It was great to see the Bravo and welcome back Tom to the rest of the phase.

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  1. To Daniel Cherrie,
    Hope you have had a fantastic treck. Call me ASAP re return details. Kieran appears to be doing well back home.
    Tale Care.
    Lots of love,
    vicki xxxx



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