Friday, 10 August 2012

Romeo 2 Trekkers...Poetry in Motion!

Here's a blog from our trekkers, Romeo 2, given to us on the Nica road trip from Christian.

"The first week of a trek is always going to be the hardest. Everyone has to deal with the weight of their newly fed backpacks, the Nicaraguan heat and of course, a new group! The first 7 days of the trek was a great experience for many of us, in which we bonded really well.

The energisers and reviews we do in the morning and evening are good ice breakers and before you know it you’ve made friends for a life time.

The first couple of days were made up of very steep hills which surprised the majority of people who have never trekked before. But we all agreed that the view on top of the mountains and hills are incredible and we’ll never see them in any other place.

The views of the clouds and the sunrise are a good way of waking everyone up when you’re day leader, but if not, a mess tin and spoon is a good second option! At the end of day 2, the long winding trek was rewarded with a beautiful river where we swam, washed our clothes and tanned under the yellow sun.

Raleigh is all about improving our responsibilities and learning new skills. We did this the next day, when we had to cross the same river in which we worked as a team by ‘huddling up’. As the days went on, they got hotter with the odd rain shower but the adventure kept getting better. For lunch, we stayed with a couple of communities where we interacted with the welcoming locals and took pictures with the kids.

Overall the trek so far has been perfect for all of us. From conquering extremely steep hills to showering underneath one of the best waterfalls you can imagine, it’s been a superb experience so far. Can’t wait for the next 100-odd kilometres!"

And here's a poem written by Tomas...

As the beard grows
To remember El Che
The desire for freedom grows
Through the Latino wilderness
The pain of struggle grows
Yet the survival instinct kicks in
Going through roads
That were once rivers
Listening to barking dogs
Mooing cows
And singing cockerels
Eating tinned pork and beans
We survive

Thanks guys, good luck, and see you at changeover - we'll post a summary of their trek when they get back!

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