Saturday, 11 August 2012

Romeo Groups Round Up...

So, the trekkers reach their final destinations today, the Nica groups get on the bus back to Fieldbase and the Environmental guys enjoy their last couple of days in the jungle and on the beach. Here's a quick summary...

Romeo 1 Coast to Coast trekkers should reach the Pacific Coast in approximately 2 hours! Their ETA is 1pm where they will be greeted by the Bravo 2 road trip with some fresh fruit and veg, probably pushed to one side while the group run into the sea...last push guys, and enjoy your day on the beach tomorrow!

Romeo 2 will meet the bus back at 12.30pm from their final point on their trek, Laguna Asososca. Bet that water will be a welcome sight! Good luck for your last hours R2!

Romeo 3 are digging their final trench at Carara National Park and meeting with the rangers later on...keep up the good work!

Romeo 4 found 24 nests last night - a record for this expedition! They worked very hard, with the night shift peeps on the go from 10pm until 6am this morning. Some amazing conservation work there guys...

Romeo 5 have had a couple of problems with their radio but we believe they've made it pretty far with their gravity water feed project, laying many of the pipes, we'll have an update for you when they're on the road...

Romeo 6 have finished their school, painted a mural and had the opening ceremony, can't wait to see the pics!

The Nica groups arrive back tomorrow evening and the Costa Rica groups the following day, ready to start practicing for Raleigh's Got Talent. Exciting times!


  1. Hi Sean McGarry Romeo 1, Im visiting the grandparents they are all asking for you and thinking of you!! We miss you cant wait to hear how you got on. Lots of Love fi xxxx

  2. Kevin & Clare Keane12 August 2012 at 07:17

    To Jack Stone and all of Romeo 6
    Fantastic news that you finished the school building at Miraflor. Well done everyone. We have been following the blog from Bulgaria and think what you have achieved is amazing. Hope the rest of the adventure is just as good as the first part!
    Lots of love

    Kevin & Clare Keane x



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