Monday, 13 August 2012

Romeo Nica Groups' round up!

The second week of trek continued to be awesome. The weather definitely got a lot hotter but that didn’t affect us in any way. It made us sweat and want to get to the next destination as soon as possible. I can’t begin to describe how lovely and welcoming the locals were. 

One day, probably the hottest, we took a well-needed break in the community outside a lady’s house, and the lady came outside holding a 3-litre bottle of Coca Cola in one hand and a bag of 13 mouth-watering ice creams in the other, all for free and from the kindness of her heart. That has to be one of the best highlights of the trek!

Another highlight was when we got to our destination really early, which was a school where we would stay the night. When the kids finished school, instead of running home as they normally would have, they stayed with us and we all had a great time!

Finally we got to Cerro Negro, the main reason most of us had wanted to do the trek. Being on top of the volcano was hard to believe. It was magnificent looking over Nicaragua. Looking at the sunset then waking up early for the sunrise was all part of the tremendous experience.

After the sunrise, we all ran down the volcano, it was absolutely incredible. 

It’s been great being in a group where we all got to know each other really well and had tons of fun, which makes the sweltering heat and any painful feet disappear.


The second half of Romeo 5’s time in El Pajarito saw us continuing work on the water project, laying pipes and filling in the trench up the mountain towards the spring. We also began work on a trench to take water down from the tank to several houses which currently did not have any taps nearby.

A free day on Sunday allowed us to walk to San Nicholas to meet another group of Raleigh volunteers, Charlie 1 from the ICS programme, and spend the afternoon sunbathing with them and the Fieldbase team and swimming in a stunning waterfall.

With more Spanish under our belts now than we did even 10 days ago, everyone continued to get involved in the villagers’ day-to-day lives. We learned the long process of coffee-making, the difference between tortillas and guirilas, and Bex may have even milked a cow, though we’re not quite sure if we believe that!
Despite not having managed to get materials from Achuapa to finish the dam around the spring (hardly surprising with no mobile phones and nearest road about 40 miles away!) the locals seemed to appreciate the work we had done. 

On our last night we were treated to a meal together, cooked by our Nicaraguan mothers, and a fiesta in the community centre. The locals proved themselves keen dancers, showing us up yet again!

Romeo 6’s final week in the beautiful community of Miraflor. It was to be a long, hard week of digging, cement mixing, levelling floors with the light at the end of the tunnel being the finishing touches – the painting!

We pulled together and got the floor cemented, the walls built up and the roof fixed, so the painting commenced the day before the grand opening.

Romeo 6 decided to go with the Nicaraguan colours – blue and white, and to make a pre-school suitable for children, an ocean-themed cartoon was painted on the wall, with handprints of all at Raleigh and people from the community making up the waves of the ocean.
Music, dancing, food and a piñata ensued later at the opening ceremony, it was great fun!

The next day was bittersweet, we had achieved what we had come to do primarily, and also lived the life of a Miraflorian, having a Nicaraguan family, some getting to do farm work and helkp prepare the delicious food. 

This made it sad to say goodbye, and was an emotional time for many, however we had some unforgettable experiences and priceless memories to take home with us.


  1. message for Lizzie German - Hiya from all of us in Devon - glad you still alive and having a great time! Bet you really excited about the next phase! Enjoy. Loads of love mum xx

  2. Amy Marshall Xray 4
    Hello aims hope ur enjoying ursef sweet!!! i bet ur excited for ur next adventure! lookin forward to seeing all the pics and hearing all the stories loves and miss u loads xxxxxxx

  3. Message for Tyler, Romeo 1

    Wishing you a very Happy Birthday!


  4. hi Katy,i picked up your email hope you enjoyed your pizza and ice cream. i will read through your masters emails. good luck with the expedition
    love mum xxx

  5. To Tyler Otite,

    Wishing you a very happy 17th birthday!!!

    From everyone at 39

    Gete x

  6. Caitlin McGlynn X Ray 5: PRIVATE

    Hi Caits, Thats mum just off the Blog after writing you a novel...."Well I suppose she has had a glass of wine and its her Birthday.I noised up Euan and he bolted down to the co-op to get mum a card as he had forgot .He told mum he was going to Declans as he had left somethig at his house (Feeble excuse).Hope you are having a good time and have lots to tell us about over the family meals.Take the hint and stop if we start to slide under the table (Only kiddin).The Hoops play in the Champions League qualifier next week against a Sweedish team so me and Euan are lookin forwardto that.Miss you loads.Mum is nippin my heed as I am tryin to write this so nite nite hugs n kisses.Love you loads or should that be lol.See Ya Dad x

  7. hi all

    would like to say thanks to Raleigh and for them having this Blog.

    though I would love more photos!!

    thanks for letting me know what my baby is up to



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