Friday, 17 August 2012

Romeos' Got Talent

As an eerie calm descends once again over fieldbase, we wave goodbye to, the now X-Ray, groups as they head into part three of their adventures in Costa Rica and Nicaragua. Some of the seven-weekers have left so we now have five groups dotted around the Raleigh-sphere but before we tell you who's doing what, a few words about the events of the past few days.

Changeover was a festival of talent; on the first night back, the groups presented their phase two skits as the rest of the expedition were treated to a visual representation of what their friends had been up to for the previous three weeks. As usual competition was fierce, but the stars of the show, were Romeo 6 with their opus entitled: “personal development”.

However, the real highlight of changeover was the Romeo’s Got Talent competition held the following evening – the concept is akin to the more widely know “Britain's Got Talent” but we called it Romeo's Got Talent on account of this phase being a 'Romeo' phase - I hope this clears up any confusion!!

The fieldbase team transformed the Terrace into the aptly titled theatre of dreams and we were treated to a range of acts including Lu Ying’s mixed martial arts demonstration; Ta-Shanae’s contortionist display; Richard, Isabel & Sofia’s angry Salsa show and Trae and Michele’s band the November 49ers. Even expedition leaders got in on the act with what can only be described as an ‘eccentric’ cover of Oasis’ Wonderwall.
 A hint of authenticity was added with the inclusion of a live camera feed projecting off-stage interviews with the candidates moments before their act.

The standard was incredibly high but the standout deserving winner – of two, yes two, tubs of ice-cream – with a stunning display of linguistic dexterity was Zichari and Trae’s rap/rock spectacular. Ably backed by Trae’s rock riffing, Zichari launched into what can only be described as a lyrical extravaganza that enthralled the watching audience before being met with a thunder of applause.
Hosted to perfection by HCV Coordinator Keiner, with help from ex-HCV Nacho on interview duty, the evening was a triumph and highlighted the number of talented young people we have here in the expedition. Congratulations to all involved.

The venturers are now on phase 3, so here are the groups in full:

X-Ray 1 – Coast to Coast
Alex Goodchild, Arun Sharma, Lizzie German, Greg Parnell, Ivan Coueslant, Jack Stone, Kat Twigg, Leyla Zelaya, Luis Andrés Mora, Michelle Wong, Rebecca Atkinson, Saskia Proffitt, Che Durham, Chris Hempseed and Oskar Plapperer-Lüthgarth

X-Ray 2 – Miratombo Trek
Dan Cherrie, Zichari Young, Alannah Howie, Endgoes Mak, Juliana Franco, Laura Lynas, Mayerling Pineda, Reuben McGowan, Robin Mackintosh, Suzzie Kidd, Teydí García, Tom Wright, Tom Harrison and Tyler Otite

X-Ray 3 – Playa Hermosa/Carara
Henry Seal, Isabel Matamoros, Jed Pattie, Josué Tuz, Sarah O'Mahony, Soheba Mughal, Tom Breakwell, Raymond Mak and Ysavier Darrell

X-Ray 4 – Carara/Playa Hermosa
Georgia Rattigan, Grant Harrison, Jawonday Smith, Richard Chavarría, Sean Mcgarry, Sophie Scholl, Ta-Shanae Pitcher Trott and William Pavón

X-Ray 5 – Achuapa
Adam Farley, Ben Woodhouse, Caitlin McGlynn, Catherine Inch, Christian Raimondo, Chung Wing Yuen, Cole Durham, Elizabeth Samuel-Bryan, Emanuele Pini, Gema Valdivia, Lu Ying Yap, Moy Mckayle, Sofía Quirós Otárola, Tomas Bassi and Trae Legay Cannonier


  1. Hello x-ray 1and x ray 2. Hope trek hasn't been too strenuous and the feet are holding up. I would like to say that I'm looking forward to you all coming home and sharing all your amazing photos and experiences because I'm sat here in my bed at eleven at night, I know party animal. watching this mosquito buzzing around my head thinking that if I am obliged to put up with its existence I'd rather see it in costa rica or nicaragua than from my bed. So still a little jealous of my fellow venturers. Although cant complain there is literally no place like home. You guys will be there in less than 3 weeks so enjoy your time as much as you can because although trek is long and tiring it will be short and sweet when you finish

    Lots of love Sonia xx

  2. Hey Arun so I thought I would send a personal message as promised. I hope you're surviving and that you're not missing me too much as a personal bag assistant as I'm sure you are carrying a fair bit of group kit being an ox and all. Also hope the tooth is okay as I know their won't be any dentists to hand unless you call on jack to just use brute force and yank it out as I'm sure he would be glad to do. I wanted to remind you that before and after photos of jacks eyebrows must be taken and I'm relying on you as we did find it most hilariously entertaining. Wanted to give you some local news as well Didn't know if you supported wolves football team but I know that you have some connection with Wolverhampton so on the 11th August wolves drew 1-1 with aldershot town and are playing Leeds united tomorrow. I do hope you like football as I now look like prat, anyways I think that's long enough now so I'll part by saying I Have eaten so much CAKE including mothers trifle and although have a cold my belly is happy.. :) good luck, Sonia xx

  3. Hey jack! Hope the eyebrows are growing everyday bigger and stronger. Maybe keep them as two separate eyebrows but maybe less caterpillar like. I'm so glad I'm continents away s you couldn't hit me round the backs of the legs for that comment. I hope you and Arun are looking after Kat and singing hakuna matata on a regular basis. Food in England is so damn good and I hope you don't hate me but you said I could give you an update on my menu habits. Just wrote everything but thought it would make you cry considering your eating refried beans. Basically I have eaten lots of cake and mothers trifle. we were talking about the Olympics a bit when on phase so here is a small update. Britain came third with 29 golds behind America in first place with 46. Overall we Won 65 medals. Ennis kicked ass at heptathlon winning gold and so did Mohammed farah who won two gold and beat a world record. Rowing we also did well and the same in horsey stuff too. Cycling we kicked ass and won 7 gold medals including chris joy and Pendleton. Bradley wIggins also won gold for cycling road. Rebecca Addlington won bronze being beaten by 15 year old superstar. Michael phelps also won golds in free style and is now the greatest Olympian with 19 gold medals. Woo wooh. Anyways that's enough for now keep trekking! Sonia xx

  4. Hey Kat twigg alpha 1. Saved the best until last and just remembered I should probably mention which group arun and jack were in hope they still get the message. If not say I did write and I wrote Alot! Arrived home and flew all the way with Richard which was really lovely not much conversation as we both fell asleep watching the notebook which Richard says he shall definitely watch the end of with his girl friend. Ahh. Mum was waiting with her cheery smile and erratice waving. But although she looked like a crazy woman she brought a tear to my eye. Do love mother dear. Hope jack and Arun are caring for you and giving you regular massages, sorry I couldnt be there for moral support and as your Disney musical partner in crime. Parents have saved various shakespeare plays for me as BBC was doing a special and thought of you almost immediately because the dapper looking David tenant is one of the actors and does an interview which you can look forward to seeing when you get back. Also in the news Driver dodges moose but hits bear in Norway. So when you're feeling low just think you could always be a bear. Not sure if that brought a smile to your face but if it didn't see this as a labour of love as I'm writing at midnight and i blame bad jokes on drowsiness. Hope grammar and spelling are acceptable, love Sonia xx.

  5. hi Adam - X-Ray 5 – Achuapa

    hey its sooo good to see some pictures of you and that your doing ok, really looking for forward to you coming home :) only 18 days till your home (not that im counting lol) we all miss you sooo much and are immensely proud of you, keep safe love you loads your big sister vicky xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx



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