Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Short lived paradise

After our 9 day stay at Carara National Park, we thanked the rangers with a farewell party and were off to the much anticipated Playa Hermossa. Once we arrived, we were greeted by Romeo 3 who gave us the run down about the beach and what they had done.

Though our excitement wasn’t mirrored by the beach rangers, because they thought we were here to mess around on the beach, we quickly won them over with our work ethic. On our first day of work, we mixed cement and helped build the roof to the volunteer and tourist toilets. Then we reconstructed a damn to the turtle hatchery to protect it from flooding.

On the following day, we watched newly hatched turtles crawl along the beach to the water. This was a very special experience for all of Romeo 4 - during which we were betting our day's snacks on which turtle would win the race to the water!

We also made the biggest long drop known to Raleigh history – which we named the pit. However little did we knew that the occasional flooding from storms, would affect the long drop and we discovered unfortunately that some objects float...!

We also met two American travellers who came to see the turtles and after our conversation with them, we inspired them to accompany us on our night patrol. Whilst on patrol we explained to them about what we were doing on Raleigh. They had a lot of questions and we had a lot of answers and thanks to our lessons on sustainable development, they were so impressed that to our surprise we were greeted by them the next day bearing gifts of food ,snacks and juice, much to our excitement.

We are currently on a day off but from tomorrow, we will continue our work and enjoy our time here at the beach and hopefully save more turtles.


    HIII GYPISEE - CHEESH I GETS NO LUV, NO EMAIL, NO NOTHING -UNBELIEVABLE!! Anyway, all is well over here. Summer has been greatt! I know, just what u DONT want ot hear..haha! But ur enjoying ur Cause, u'll thank me later! Zadun will be leaving soon to go to England for football again, the rest of the rugrats r in Camp & working n boring me everyday to go swimming grr! Ur dads still going the school although they should be wrapping up with that soon since school will be back in..tht means u'll b home soon!! Havent talked to Ma guess shes ok shes probably been burming around on that spanky new orange Nouvo HAHAA! Anyway hope ur well and enjoying ur few weeks that u have left although Im sure ud like to get home n some a/c n ur comfy bed and relax..but until then.....See u soon. Luv Mom

  2. For Daniel Cherrie,
    hello its Ella here hope you are having a great time.we all miss you.its my birthday on going to wales on Sunday were staying at uncle erics LOL! mite NOT camp outside like you did last time! sam is still in London and George has gone today.we are having alright weather well sort of last week it thundered and lighting. we all must all go to tgi or frankie and bennys when your back.all for now lots of love ella xxx!

  3. Louise McKenzie9 August 2012 at 18:29

    For Matt McKenzie, Romeo 6

    Hi again - how are you? I hope your ankle is much better and your managing to participate in everything again. I was imagining you hopping through the egg and spoon race and doing a one legged race rather than three legged! Can't wait to hear your plans and whether you'll be up to doing the trek phase next time around.

    It's Thursday and I've just finished a very busy first week back at school. Day off tomorrow then we start regular hours next Monday. It was exciting to see everyone again. It's been an eventful home week too. Broken A.C. again meant we suffered several more days in record temps, but finally they replaced the whole upstairs unit with a new one so we should be cool for the rest of summer. Maisie was sick after eating a wisteria branch, which added to the chaos, however after a day at the vet she is now back to normal :)

    Caitlin has coped with being home alone and even managed to transport herself around by bike when I wasn't available to drive her. She is getting better and better with her own driving and will be ready to get behind the wheel on her own after her birthday. She is excited. We had her friends over last weekend, and thankfully it was one of the working a.c. days. We cooked on the barbecue and they swam, played and hung out. They all dyed their hair - some blue and pink, but Cait stuck to a darker brown with a blonde thing going on underneath.

    Dad has been in Salt Lake City all week but gets back tomorrow. Of course he missed all the upheaval and will return to a cool, clean and tidy house with no dog vomit to deal with :)

    Jamie got back from her vacation yesterday after a nightmare delay with her flights. I haven't got all her news yet, but she is coming for dinner on Saturday so we will catch up then. It will be good to see her before she heads back to UK. We must plan a weekend trip for you to go after you get back.

    Anyway, that's all my news for now. Sorry it's boring domestics as usual. We all love you and miss you - I hope everyone else is commenting too. I know Caitlin has good intentions but gets distracted, however I reminded Dad to message you while he was on his trip.

    Enjoy the rest of your week, and we're all looking forward to hearing from you soon when you get back from Miraflor.

    Lots of love and hugs



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