Monday, 6 August 2012

Sport's day at Miraflor

Romeo 6 has been having a great time in the community of Miraflor in Nicaragua for over a week now. With the foundations of the pre school already completed by the previous group, we have been busy building the wall and the terrace – a task which involved a lot of cement mixing, pick axing and digging.

We’ve also had the chance to teach some English at the school. Every day, two of us give a 30 minute lesson teaching things such as numbers, animals and basic conversation. When we are not at the school, we are usually spending time with our Nicaraguan families. So far, a lot of us have had the chance to milk a cow, feed chickens, see one day old calves and chicks and even kill a chicken for dinner!

The families have all been incredibly welcoming and we have been served some great Nicaraguan food. Although we don’t all speak Spanish, we have been able to get on and have fun with the community.

On Sunday, on our day off, we organised a little sports day with all the children. Despite our initial anxieties, we had a great turn out and all of us enjoyed the egg and spoon race, 3 legged race, bin bag game, wheelbarrow race and football, although some of us found it hard to suppress our competitive streaks! We finished with a prize giving ceremony, in which all the participants received sweets, coke or crisps.


  1. Christopher Arias6 August 2012 at 12:01

    Para Sofia Quiros, 12G, Romeo 2

    Hola! Yo de nuevo...Ya hoy inicia semestre de nuevo, ahí de vez en cuando logro ver fotos suyas y se ve toda linda y super feliz...espero que todo siga muy bien donde estas. Hace un montón de falta por acá, pues ni modo, aprenda mucho porque hay un lugar adonde quiero ir cuando vuelva pero voy a necesitar sus nuevas habilidades de Centinela hahaha...
    Con mucho cariño y cien besos

  2. To Kat Twigg Romeo 6

    hi hope you are having a geat time,hope you enjoyed your mini olympics - i went to see the hockey at the olympic park on saturday. china beat Team GB but we still get through to the semi finals cos we won other games in the heats. you would have been really impressed the pitch was bright blue and the surrounding areas were pink, very pink. hope the food is ok and you are enjoying living with your nicaaguan family - i assume you know how to say vegitarian in spanish. Take care and have fun, i will write again when Romeo 6 blog is updated love mum xxx

  3. To jack stone, Romeo 6.

    How's the school coming on - does it have a roof yet? We see you are living with a local family - and living the "the good life" (1970s sitcom so may be wasted on you! )

    How's the Spanish coming on? I see you have all taken it in terms to do some teaching.... Trust you didn't struggle with the numbers.
    Team GB going well upto 22 golds in 3rd place. Bike arrived and I am now officially in training maybe I can replace hoy now he has retired after winning two more golds!

    This blog has taken me ages - I'm missing your IT help!
    Keep up the good work! We are intrigued to find out your next challenge.
    Look forward to seeing the sideshow once you have returned to basecamp
    M & D x



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