Thursday, 23 August 2012

The secret diary of X-Ray 2

On Raleigh we encourage originality and innovation, and, in that vein we present the diary of the Miratombo Trek by Hong Kong's finest: Endgoes Mak!

Day 1
We are at the start of phase 3; the last phase that the Miratombo trekkers will walk step by step, side by side, to achieve the same goal and complete their expeditions! The large team of X-Ray 2, with 17 members in total, come from different places but have the same mission today: 1) sleep during the long journey from Costa Rica to Nicaragua to charge our trekking batteries and 2) celebrate Tyler's birthday – happy birthday Tyler!
Dutch mountain leader Rolo flies the flag! 
Day 2
The trek has begun and everyone is extremely excited! Two of us expressed our feelings by action and walked really hard, however, this resulted in sun cream and camel bag leakage! Although this lowered the weight of our rucksacks, the weight loss was minimal compared to the total weight of our giant rucksacks! The rucksacks are heavy, yet we can all handle it. We arrived at a community centre within 50mins, after our first short trek. Many of us shared a piece of cake during lunch. It's believed that the trek will be a piece of cake!

Day 3
We were so efficient! After the first night in the community centre, we woke up at 3.30am and managed to finish breakfast, pack our rucksacks and clean up within an hour. We played Ninja and waited for sunrise before beginning to trek. Today, we trekked for 15km and walked through many communities. The barbed wire and fences have been our number one obstacle. However, despite the challenges we faced, we finished today's trek by noon. We arrived at a tiny community centre and then washed in the river together. Today was a lovely day and our group is bonding.

Day 4
This morning we faced the challenge of the first river crossing in our trek. The water was flowing quite quickly and it reached up to our knees. It's great that we all crossed it safely and successfully. The river crossing was an exciting experience made more so for the fact there are no more for the rest of the trek.

Day 5
Today was the hardest day of the trek so far and could be totally represented by Zichari's boot! His boot could not withstand the trek and the sole broke off. We tried to fix it with 'duct' tape from Scotland yet it did not work. Zichari has a number of blisters and so do others. However, the natural scenery is awesome and we are enjoying it very much.

Miratombo trek = awesome views!

Day 6
Today was a long day, with a trek up to the military station, our base for the night but we were all mentally and physically healthy when we arrived – although two of us did collapse with relief for just a few minutes! All in all, we are fit and perfect! In the evening, from the military station, we saw the whole city of Esteli lit up below us. It is 10,000 times bigger than the town that we passed through this afternoon! Trek so far has been a remarkable experience and we are looking forward to the next 14 days!


  1. Para: Teydí García y Mayerlin Pineda.
    De: Roberto Álvarez
    Holaaaaa muchachas!!! Espero que aún se acuerden de mi, Soy Roberto (el tico) el de la 12G, espero que la estén pasando super bien; creo que ya les falta poco para terminar todooo.... Muuuchas vibras positivas!! sigan palante y nunca digan no puedo!!... ustedes son muy valientas y espero verlas pronto!!! Las quiero muchooo... se cuidan!!!

  2. Message for Rebecca Youl(XRAY5)and Andy Youl (XRAY1)
    Hello Becky and Andy,
    Am so enjoying reading the daily blogs about all the groups but, obviously, especially anything involving you two. You are certainly 'working hard and playing hard' and I am still truly amazed at all the wonderful things you are getting involved with. Scanning the photos for a familiar face is a bit like playing that "Where's Wally" game ..well in Andy's case it's more like "Where's Hairy". All O.K. with me in Rochester. Will be at the family barbeque on Sunday 26th (we will miss you) and am off to see some para-athletics at the Olympic stadium in a couple of weeks time. Stay safe you two. Loads of love. Lesley XXXXX

  3. Tom Wright (X-Ray 2)
    Heyy Tom, hope you’re enjoying the ol’ Miratombo Trek and your feet aren’t too destroyed yet! I imagine you’ll be well over halfway by the time you get this so no doubt you’ll be refusing to eat porridge anymore and everything will bloody reek! But just remember, Miratombo is well easier than Coast-to-Coast hahaa!

    Not too much going on here.. managed to get my job back, been catching up on all the Olympics (which everyone else watched like a month ago!), and the ol’ town of Ramsbottom has been flooded (but we managed to escape it!)

    I expect to see more photos of your wild dance moves at the farewell party! Have an incredible final 2 weeks and enjoy the luxury bus journey back to Fieldbase! Simon x

  4. For a Miss Catherine Inch (X-Ray 5)
    Heyyy, just thought I’d leave you a message while I’m chilling in my new lounging pants, catching up on the Olympics action! I hear on the grapevine that there was some ultimate cheese in the singing competition you lot were judging – a bit of ABBA and the Backstreet Boys – bet they’ve got nothing on my celebrated boyband performances though hahaa! You’ll be glad to know that Terry survived the journey home and is doing well, and that the mother finally washed my bandana! NOOOOOO!!

    Hope you’re enjoying family life in Achuapa, and you’re not too sick of rice and beans yet! Cannae wait for everyone to return so we can start planning our next travels!
    Much love, Jungle Wanker! x

  5. Para Suzannah Kidd
    De: James Holland

    Buenas Suzannah!! Lo siento por ningún mensaje durante tanto tiempo.
    Espero trek va bien. No mucho tiempo hasta que consiga hablar con usted de nuevo ahora. Aunque la caminata es muy difícil que vale la pena cuando usted lo complete. Sigue fuerte y MTFU! :)

    Con mucho amor
    James xx

  6. Reuben: I just wanted to make sure you're not wearing that lousy taylor swift t -shirt!!!! PLease don't!!! Nicaraguans could get way too cultural shocked by that!!!xD Remember to look after Juliana and Alanah! See you soon! Keep trekking!



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