Thursday, 23 August 2012

X-Ray 3 - Playa Hermosa

At the start of the phase, due to adverse tidal conditions, we took refuge in the ranger station as huge waves flooded the hatchery and bashing against the protective wall we had built. It was a morbid experience to see the destroyed turtles nests due to the flooding however, the wonderful experience of digging up new hatched turtles and releasing them into the sea has more than made up for it. We have also learnt how to build turtles nests and on average we’ve see about four turtles a night.

At night we have two shifts: one at 9pm and one at 2am where we patrol the beach to protect the precious turtle eggs and we have even learnt to spot turtle tracks in the dark!

So what have the individual members of X-Ray 3 been up to? Sarah collected eggs straight from a turtle laying them – she says it was a great experience, Henry has sweated ten times the average man as he shovels in the furnace trench every day, Raymond has dutifully kept us orally hydrated as water boy and it was brilliant to welcome Emma on Sunday – her presence has added to the banter. Ysavier and Jason captured an iguana which posed for pictures until its release and Jed has been our resident dancer and all round entertainer.

Earlier today, Lottie and Soheba treated us to a culinary delight of masa donuts and chocolate sauce while tonight Josue and Isabel (who are doing a great job as translators) are serving us up a Latino dish made from fresh fruit and veg Tom bought at a local market.

That’s all for now – more news when we get to Carara!


  1. Para: Isabel Matamoros, X-Ray 3-Playa Hermosa
    Hoooolaaaa Isaaa!!! Soy Roberto el Tico que hizo la 12G!!! Espero que la estés pasando genial!! Disfrútalo bastante!!.... Sos muy valienta y nunca te rindas... Sos una chica muy Pura Vida! se le quiere montones, espero verla pronto... chao se cuida!!!.... Ya les falta poco (creo)... jajaj ..

  2. Great to find entry for X Ray 3, difficult to move from Romeo 2. Wonderful to read Sarah collects eggs from turtle laying -Grannie will be proud and good training for future career. All well here, weather warm but mixed, tall ships arrived into Dublin port Thurs, Tim departed Wed for Boston to join road trip with Blayney and Beano who have left Vinyard and like people leaving Cape Clear-want road.Julie had fab time in Barcelona. Laser now in Dublin thanks to road trolley from rib. Collecting topper and oppie this weekend. Off to Baltimore in morning. Millie is great but misses you as do we all. Love and kisses, cannot wait to talk with you, as ever Mum

  3. William Espinoza X-Ray 4

    Happy happy happy birthday deacachimba ser pinolero y amigos con William.

    Will-IAM I miss you loads man. Can you come to England when Raleigh is over? I hope you are good, and haven't been drinking from the drainpipe whilst my back has been turned. I hope you have a good plan for the skit, do me proud! Deacachimba, deacachimba. love from Richard xxxx

  4. For Josue Tuz, X-Ray ???

    I hope not. Also, if you have been drinking from the drainpipe con tu amigos I will hear about it! I hope you're having a good 3rd phase man and that Jed hasn't driven you mad yet. Get in touch when you're finished. Speak soon love from Richard Voaden x



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