Sunday, 19 August 2012

X Ray 5 Rock Achuapa...continued...

So, our time was upon us. Eighteen X Men, and a load of Charlies (1 and 2) undertook one last, nervous practice before our big debuts!

Up first was Thomas (actually on Friday night) playing guitar and singing the Libertines, and next on the Friday was Trae freestyling on the guitar with Fu from ICS on the flute...

Thomas´s solo
Adam and Trae (X-Ray 5) with Ant and Fu from ICS
Then, on Saturday night, the whole of the X Men (as X Ray 5 are now better known) sang "Where is the Love" by Black Eyed Peas with the words changed to a song about reforestation, in English and Spanish. A few new talents for rapping were discovered!

Following that, Trae, Chris and Leanne performed "Are You Gonna Be My Girl" by Jet, and then Adam swapped in to beatbox with Trae and some of the Charlies in a wonderful fusion of rock and hip hop, with a bit of body popping thrown in.

Leanne, Chris and Trae
Charlie 2 and the Agua song
The mighty X Rays are a bit of a talented bunch if we do say so ourselves! And amidst all the fun we´ve learned masses about our community here in Achuapa and hopefully helped them to think about how to become more sustainable in order to benefit generations to come.

X Men and Charlies say ta ta for now...
We waved off the Charlies this morning and are just about to trek up to our community in El Portillo to be welcomed by our families. Can´t wait - wonder if they'll recognise us from the stage....

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  1. For Catherine Inch x-ray 5?
    Cat I hope you are enjoying your community time. Just wanted to let you know that Als GCSEs went pretty much as expected...he's off to Reading tomorrow. Jamie and I are still at Loussous enjoying great weather and relatively minor bugs compared to what you have no doubt become used to tho we did have a bat in the house this evening. Jamie has taken a liking to golf which means I am spending many happy hours hanging around Pelanne with lots of retired men in many coloured slacks. Dad is back tomorrow and we will be home by the end of the month and you will be back soon after - you've done so much but I bet it's flown by. looking forward to seeing you at least few days before you escape to Brumxx



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