Thursday, 23 August 2012

X-Ray 1 - Coast to Coast

Fieldbase duo Emma and Vanessa drove out to greet the Xray 1 trekkers as they emerged from the jungle of Barbilla National Park. Created in 1998, Barbilla is one of the country's least visited national parks and is home to the Cabecar, the second largest indigenous group in Costa Rica.

An annual rainfall of 140-180 inches keeps the park wet and verdant and allows a great amount of biological diversity to flourish here. Several of the species that can be found in Barbilla are endangered, such as the puma, jaguar, ocelot, tapir, and several birds of prey. Rare avian species such as the tolomuco and sun heron can also be found here.

Xray 1 were lucky enough to spend 3 days trekking in this remote and beautiful area. By day, they trekked through dense jungle and thick mud and at night stayed in indigenous communities. There were a number of river crossings to contend with, although the group were lucky to avoid much rain in what is one of the wettest areas of Costa Rica.

When we arrived to greet the group they were trekking up their last long hill of the day. They were a muddy but smiling bunch and those smiles only got bigger when we presented them with our home made banana cake!

The next few days will take the trekkers through typical rural Costa Rica so whilst the jungle mud may let up, the hills certainly will not...

Here are some of the sights of the last few days...

The Golden Orb Spider

The view as they emerge from the jungle


  1. Heyy Che and Chris! (X-Ray 1)
    Can’t believe you’re back together again on the Coast-to-Coast! I imagine by the time you get this you’ll be over halfway across the country – not long now til you’ll be able to see the Pacific (Day 15 if I remember rightly). Hope the rain is holding off a bit more for you than it did for us and that you were able to get the jungle time!
    I seem to have racked up like a thousand photos from our 3 weeks in El Pajarito so that’s gonna take some sorting out – hopefully I’ll have it done by the time you get home hahaa! Have an incredible last 2 weeks in Costa Rica!
    PURA VIDA! Simon x

  2. Cat Inch (X-Ray 5)
    Congratulations on your results (probably?), and hope you got what you needed! If you thought Costa Rican rain was bad, you’ll be pleased to hear the faithful town of Ramsbottom has been flooded! (although we managed to escape it)
    Hope the Spanish is coming along well - I expect some kind of fluency upon your return!
    Rambo! x

  3. Jack Stone Xray1

    Hope the trek is going well. We have been following the blogs and photos - looks as though you are having a great time. all is good here - harri passed her exam and ellice got into exeter so all great news.

    football hasnt been great - liverpool lost first game 3_0 away to WBA> cardiff won first game 1-0 at home to huddersfield town and drew second game 0-0 away to brighton - so not bad - andrew and i went to the first game - not great even though they won.

    bet you cant wait to see the pacific ocean - sounds amazing all the wild animals and the scenery. we are all looking forward to seeing you in a couple of weeks. take care and enjoy the rest of the trop love mum dad and harriet x

  4. To Jack Stone and the rest of X-Ray 1

    Just been reading your blog, sounds like a fantastic trek across some wonderful countryside... jealous!!!!!

    So pleased you are all having a great time. Keep up the good work.

    Kevin & Clare Keane xxx

    (ps... X-Ray 1 sounds like a name out of a 60s sci-fi cartoon like Thunderbirds or Stingray ... just saying!)

  5. Saskia Proffitt (X-Ray 1)

    Hi Sask,

    Hope you're not completely covered in mud but having an amazing time! Really looking forward to seeing you when you're home but make the most of your last couple of weeks out there. We all miss you loads!

    Lots of love,

    All of the Proffitts (including Truffle)


  6. Rebecca Atkinson (x ray 1)

    Hey Becksie, it seems as though you have managed to trek through the jungle now and will be on the other side of the country! I hope that your ok I'm sure you are doing great :)

    I get to see you in 2 weeks and I literally can't wait! I will be at heathrow waiting for you with a big hug!

    Miss you lots

    Your proud big sis xxxxxxx

  7. For: Henry Seal X-Ray ???
    Hope you haven't missed me too much mate. Excited about watching the skits??
    Nah I wouldn't be either...
    I hope third phase is decent. Just so you know, I'm clean, shaven, well-fed, unsweaty, well-rested and generally probably a few other things that you aren't right now. I am also in conversation with the management of Manny Pacquiao hahaha.
    Give me a shout when you get back, enjoy the rest of the expedition. Love from Richard

  8. To Saskia P, X Ray 1

    Just caught up with the latest news from X-Ray 1 - that was some "hill" you had to climb! The views must have been incredible or was it too cloudy to see much at all?

    How many volcanoes have you counted so far?

    Can't believe you will be back home in a week's time. Really looking forward to it.

    All well here and have some GF goodies prepared for your return.





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