Sunday, 30 September 2012

12L – get to know your Fieldbase team #2, it's logistics

Katie our logs manager
Katie "the Vass"
Katie Vass - 5 things that might not know about Katie, our Logs Manager
1.    She is heading over to check out Brazil when she leaves Costa Rica
2.    Just before she left the UK she had a temporary job with an MP
3.    Born in Canada and spent the first 10 years of her life there
4.    She loves bananas – so that’s handy in Costa Rica where they are plentiful
5.    She combines a love of travel and photography -  a snappy traveller

Tracey, logs support
Tracey "Moggers"
Tracey Moggeridge - 5 things that might not know about Tracey, our Logs support
1.    She appeared in a video with 80s pop icons “Big Country”
2.    She worked in Beijing during the Olympics there
3.    She has an addiction to marzipan, “mazapan” in Spanish, she’s looked it up and is already on the hunt
4.    She has an irrational phobia of daddy long legs, even more so than spiders
5.    She has completed a marathon, and is still running here at Fieldbase

Phil, our logs support
"Grizzly" Phil
Phil Wilson - 5 things that might not know about Phil, our Logs support
1.    He has visited over 74 countries, and counting...
2.    He is left handed
3.    He hails from New Zealand – where apparently there is a Marmite shortage “marmageddon” (perhaps one of the reasons he’s never there...)
4.    He has a phobia of really tall people
5.    He has an ambition to be "King of Pong", referring to table tennis rather than unwashed t-shirts or long-drop toilets

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