Sunday, 23 September 2012

Bienvenido – the 12L project managers have arrived

Our numbers at Fieldbase have increased as the project managers all landed safely in San Jose last night.  They managed to get some brief but well earned sleep before taking the 2 hour bus journey to arrive here this morning.

Warm welcome - Tracy and Ruth They were welcomed by a traditional Costa Rican breakfast of Gallo Pinto cooked by Araceli, our cook and new best friend.  The queue for the shower is going to be a little longer, and the cooking pots are a good deal larger but the buzz about the place is the most noticeable difference. 

Warm welcome - Pauline and Karen
Everyone is catching up with the familiar faces that they met many moons ago on that training weekend in August (can't believe it was only a month ago!).

This week will be spent with various inductions, training and briefing sessions.  We kicked off with the swimming assessment, to understand each person's level and make sure that no-one gets out of their depth.

Swimming assessment
Some training sessions are mostly chalk and talk, 
Pedro teaching radio communication - over
and some will mean getting out there and learning things for ourselves.  
Getting to know the kit
There is a lot to take in and learn but the adventure starts here.


  1. This is a message for Tracey Heyburn, Project Manager. Just arrived.

    Hello Moon.
    its your daughter here :) saw a couple of pictures of you !! you look like your deep in concentration. i miss you lots and have fun !! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx I love you xxx

  2. Hello Tracy Heyburn, just a quick hello from your brother and all my clan, hope you are well, It has'nt stopped raining since you went, anyway crack on and get the job done ;) email or
    love you see you soon PONGO

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