Saturday, 1 September 2012

Cruising Costa Rica

After completing the handover of myself (Carina) and Bravo 3 in the glamourous location of a car park, Nick and I commenced our road trip to visit X-Rays’ 1, 3 and 4 in Costa Rica.

Day 1 – Tracking down the trekkers
After taking in the beautiful scenery during our ascent into the hills, we arrived at La Esperanza to be welcome by the slightly whiffy (sorry trekkers!) but very happy X-Ray 1s! Sporting an array of ‘interesting’ outfits to keep warm, the group were adjusting to feeling a little chilly for a change as a result of being at an altitude of 2500m.

Bundling themselves into extra clothes and sleeping bags, the group warmed themselves up with a delicious dinner of pasta with lots of fresh veg and sausage, followed by one of Vanessa’s, now famous, banana cakes. Lottie also prepared energy bomb for the group, so all in all, it was a good food day for X-Ray 1!

Day 2 – Masterchefs a.k.a X-Ray 3
After an early rise with the trekkers we travelled to Carara National Park to visit X-Ray 3. Due to an overflowing river, X-Ray 3 has relocated from their jungle camp into a ranger building. With running water and bunk beds, the group have made themselves at home and managed to use the kitchen facilities to create some impressive food out of Raleigh rations, such as Emma’s Banoffee Pie! Having enjoyed a meal with the group we then played numerous games of Mafia as well as being entertained by Jed as only he knows how.

The following morning we walked into the jungle where the group is hard at work clearing flood and storm debris from walking trails.
Raining in the rain forest
Day 3 – X-Ray 4 challenge for the Masterchef crown!
Having travelled the short distance from Carara to Playa Hermosa to visit X-Ray 4 on the turtle project, we were greeted by a very chilled and happy group. Loving the beach environment, the group have been busy building up the storm walls following the bad weather at Hermosa over recent weeks. The storm walls protect the baby turtles from being drowned in the hatchery and so the group are enthused about working as hard as possible to prevent further damage. At night, they have been undertaking two beach walks to search for turtles and nests to enable them to relocate the eggs for protection.
X-Ray 4, sunset at Playa Hermosa
Again, impressing us with their cooking skills and challenging the efforts of X-Ray 3, Carlton and Sophie treated us to a delicious dinner of homemade veggie burgers and chips. The cooking in phase 3 is particularly impressive and Nick and I were delighted to get stuck in! Hopping back in Bravo 3 the following morning, we headed off early in order to deliver X-Ray 1’s last food drop.

Day 4 – Home delivery!
One food drop that trekkers love is the last one as they don’t have to carry it! With this in mind, we delivered X-Ray 1’s last food drop to Playa Palo Seco which is the end point of the Coast to Coast trek. Ready and waiting for their arrival today, we hope the trekkers enjoy the food and the messages of support tucked inside the food sacks!

Following the food drop, Nick and I headed back to fieldbase where we are preparing for the return of X-Ray’s 1–5 on Monday.


  1. For Laura Lynas X Ray 2

    Well done Lals! Only 4 days to go till we see you, can't wait to hear all about your adventures. Hard to believe you will be settling in to uni halls this time next week!
    Despite what Dad will tEll you WE HAVE MISSED YOU!! Love you
    Mum xxx

  2. To Jack Stone X-ray1
    So proud of you must have been amazing to get your first glimpse at the Pacific after such a long trek. Can't wait to see you photos and hear first hand all about it. Can't wait to see you - we will be waiting at the airport
    Enjoy your last few days in Costa Rica and have a safe journey home.

    Love mum and dad xx

  3. For Sarah O'Mahony X Ray 3
    thinking of you in Carara,, hope the crocs stayed away. Made Banoffi pie in Baltimore last night and thought of you. Sun finally arrived in West Cork, Millie hung out in water and we had great day on water in rib- went over to Heir island for walk and later sherkin for drinks. Met some of your pals, Jack H, Eirne all enquiring about your return and getting ready to return to University. Tim still in New York. Julie graduates on Tue, we will miss you on day Looking forward to speaking with you very soon. Miss you and love you loads. Mum

  4. Para: Andres Mora X-ray1
    De: Paola Montero

    Hola mi amor ahora si que falta muuy poco (: solo un día para verte estoy muy ansiosa de poder verte ya te amo guapo y estoy muy orgullosa de vos espero este muy bien te amoo (:, Bendiciones a vos y a todos por aya (: felicidades

    Bye besos guapo

  5. The Goodchild family
    Alex Goodchild
    So proud of you Alex and so looking forward to seeing you back home and to listening to all your stories. Have a good time in Dallas.
    Mum and Dad



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