Monday, 3 September 2012

Fond farewell to Carara

As soon as we had settled into our home, a massive storm moved into the area. Everything was grand following the storm with the exception of the walking trails. These were a mess and so we quickly got to work clearing, raking and using the machete to clear the debris.
Light work for X-Ray 3!
Due to the storm our water supply was temperamental but Josué was a dab hand at mending things! That said we resorted to taking drain pipe rain showers! Soheba’s long hair proved not so difficult to wash under the rain showers.

Yesterday, Henry and Isabel had the icky job of cleaning out the smelly food barrels whilst the rest of us took down the basha village. King Jason’s height proved very handy reaching knots half way up the trees! Isabel was kept busy, making anklets and bracelets for the group. Food wise, we saved the best for last – Ysavier, with Tom’s aid, salvaged our last 4 days of mash dinners and Lottie treated us to our final serving of homemade donuts with chocolate sauce! After playing more of our favourite game, Mafia, we discovered more often than not that Raymond is Mafia!
Hi-ho - part of the team at work
Unfortunately, Emma had departed early with the road trip to fulfil her duties as Fieldbase medic – a loss on our part - but we’re delighted to be reunited back at Fieldbase!


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