Sunday, 23 September 2012

Get to know your 12L Fieldbase team #1

Pedro aka P-rod
Pedro Rodriguez – 5 things that you might not know about Pedro, our Country Programme Manager
1.    If someone was going to play him in a film it would be Ben Kingsley (or Gandhi).
2.    He believes that his jokes stand repetition (we’ve heard the pun about intense/in tents several times
3.    He has been here in Costa Rica working with Raleigh for 4 years in a variety of guises as a volunteer, freelancer and now permanent employee
4.    He used to have long hair – all the way down to his waist
5.    He used to work in PR for the NHS and in that role he met a member of the royal family

Barney "Barnstormer" Harker
Barney Harker - 5 things that you might not know about Barney, our Deputy Programme Manager
1.    He scored a goal in front of a crowd of three thousand football fans – but unfortunately went on to lose the match
2.    Before Raleigh he has worked in youth and community services back in the UK for 10 years
3.    Previously he was a Trek Leader with Raleigh in India
4.    He loves his music and is a DJ in his spare time - his eclectic tastes run all the way from hip hop to heavy metal
5.    He is an avid supporter of Manchester City – so prefers his t-shirts to be pale blue rather than red

Keiner aka K-dawg
Keiner Jimenez - 5 things that you might not know about Keiner, our HCV Co-ordinator
1.    He’s studying computer science at the University of Costa Rica in San Jose
2.    He started as a volunteer with Raleigh in 2009
3.    Over the years he has slept in every room in Fieldbase
4.    Before volunteering with Raleigh he didn’t speak any English – and now he’s fluent
5.    He loves salsa dancing and is our resident, snake-hipped dance teacher

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  1. Hi Barney.
    Kate here, hope all i
    s going well, this isn't really a social message but one from work. Do you have the time to jot down in no more than 150 words, your journey since leaving uni. We are putting together a newsletter for mentors and would like to give a flavour of where some graduates go. if you talked about Raleigh that would be fantastic!!
    have a great time, I wish I was there
    Kate Thackeray :-) xx



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