Saturday, 22 September 2012

It's off to work we go...12L advance party

As well as settling down into the Raleigh way of life we've also been getting things ready for the start of the expedition.  Everyone has their own job to do but of course there is much to be said for mucking in and just getting on with it.
Martina stock takingThe start of an expedition is the chance to take stock, both metaphorically and in this case quite literally. We have a small shop at Fieldbase where Venturers can buy essential items and little treats.  We have things like chocolate bars, batteries, some toiletries and of course the fashion statement of the season - The Raleigh T-shirt in a variety of styles and colours.

Ruth stock taking
The other important stock take is in the Bodega - which holds all of our expedition equipment and food stocks.  So when it comes to shovels and the like, we count them all in and we count them all out again.
Karen getting project files up to date

Each project that we are running will need to have the right information to hand when out in the field, things like policies and procedures, insurance documentation and must-have Spanish phrases (for example "Where do we put the pipes?" or "It is hard work but I like it").  We need to make sure that the details for each Venturer are all present and correct, so we know who you are, when you're coming and any information that will be necessary to keep you safe and well whilst you're here.

Venturers will be camping when they come to Fieldbase, our hammering and sawing is going to make sure that the tents, and by extension the Venturers themselves, are watertight.
Fixing tentsDavid fixing tents

This should mean that by the time everyone arrives and goes off on expedition everything will go smoothly and the projects will safe, successful and the best fun ever.

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