Wednesday, 19 September 2012

New kids on the block - 12L

The 12L Costa Rica and Nicaragua advance party has rocked up at Fieldbase to kick things off and get everything spick and span for everyone who’ll be joining us shortly.

A small but happy band, the new arrivals are...
Barney who comes here as Deputy Programme Manager.  The medical team are Sarah, Natalie and David, in charge of pills, potions and paraphernalia.
The medical team

Tracey, Phil and Katie are sorting out the logistics, making sure that all the kit and caboodle is in good working order ready for expedition. Martina is keeping hold of the purse strings and Karen is administrating across an extensive range of spreadsheets.  Joss is getting all David Bailey on us and Ruth is writing the words.

The advance party

We join our Country Programme Manager Pedro, Keiner (a.k.a. K-dawg) who will be looking after the Host Country Venturers (from Costa Rica and Nicaragua) and all supported by our go-to guy, Don Martin.

The plan is that each of the Project Managers will arrive at the weekend, and then all of our lovely Venturers the week after – and 12L will be up to full complement and raring to go.  We can’t wait to meet everyone and get started.  We’ll get the kettle on...Pura Vida!

Boiling kettles

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  1. Great work so far Ruth- keep it up!



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