Monday, 3 September 2012

X-Ray 1 Go West

We made it! X-Ray 1 trekked from the East side of Costa Rica to the West coast!

Since our last post, we have been waterlogged in a community centre; had a frog jump on Bex’s head during the night (much to her surprise); climbed some more peaks (one of which gave us the first sight of our target, the Pacific Ocean); and, as might be expected, trekked a lot downhill, meaning we have been feeling much warmer!
Enjoying the beautiful view!
We have also ridden our luck in terms of the weather; a storm enveloped us one night just as we made it to shelter. We should have been camping in tents at the peak of a mountain (‘The Dragon’), but decided in the afternoon we would push on so that we could get a roof over our heads. It’s a good thing we did as trying to cook a meal outdoors on trangiers with thunder/lightening and heavy rain all around would not have been great!

But what was great, was the whole experience of trek. Everyone in the group is very proud that we have completed it and regard it as one of our greatest challenges and achievements. Even half way through it had felt impossible that we would make it to the beach!

We recommend this kind of experience to everybody as it has been extremely rewarding. Seeing the sea at the end of the trek was a moving moment and everyone started running towards it. Some even forgot to take their boots off before hitting the sea!
We made it!
A relaxing rest day with the waves crashing down beside us was the perfect end to a brilliant phase and expedition.

Greg, Oscar & Andy

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