Monday, 8 October 2012

12L venturers...arrived safe and sound

Happy to report that the venturers all arrived safe and sound in San Jose yesterday, (there are 6 who are still making there way over and will be with us today).  They were picked up at the airport and greeted by the big smiles of the welcome party.  Last night they stayed  in San Jose before getting up bright and early and making there way here to Fieldbase in Turrialba.
Pedro greets the venturers
First things first.  Mess tins at the ready we served up gallo pinto, scrambled eggs, fried plantains, cheese and bread - a veritable Costa Rican breakfast feast.
Gallo pinto and scrambled eggs - breakfast of kingsBreakfast is served
Next some introductions in English and Spanish and everyone got divided into smaller sleeping groups - named Hotel 1 to Hotel 9 (with only a little irony!). The rest of the day will be full of activity - tours of Fieldbase, administration, money exchange, id photo and swimming assessments.  We should all sleep well in our "Hotels" tonight.
Introductions and welcome


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