Monday, 29 October 2012

A woman's work...Alpha 5

In Los Loros tasks are clearly divided between the men and the women.  This is what Jonas and I found out when he was making a tortilla and I was watching him from a hammock.  Our dad explained this wasn't the way to go and took Jonas with him to show him his horse, pigs and chickens.  Now me and my mum have the whole kitchen for ourselves - lucky us!
Hester digging
Hester turns her hand to "man's work"
While the men are machete-ing their way through sesame seed fields and helping us dig the trenches (way better and faster than we can), the women are busy making tortillas, milking cows and washing Raleigh shirts (hell yeah, my mum does my laundry!)
Jonas, master of all he surveys
Jonas, master of all he surveys
One thing is for sure, they treat you as their family, or even better.  We get huge meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner, loads of rice pudding and bananas all day long.  And last but certainly not least: the coffee!!  I didn't like the coffee at all before I came here, but now I can't get enough (I guess the loads of sugar they put in also helps).
Hester, Jonas and their Nicaraguan family
Hester, Jonas and their new Nicaraguan family
But the full family treatment doesn't end with feeding and digging trenches.  Yesterday I had a manicure with my mum and cousin - my nails have never looked as bad as they do now but I love them!  We taught our little brothers to play cards and as we learn more and more Spanish we try to teach them some English.  As soon as we take out our head torches (at 17.30 it's pitch black out here), pen and paper the whole family gathers around just watching us write the alphabet and some easy English phrases.  My mum is the only one who can read and write but everyone is extremely interested (while I'm writing now there are three heads watching me) - it's a lovely feeling.

 from Hester, Project Comms Officer

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