Friday, 5 October 2012

All work and no play...12L have a day off

Since the VMs arrived things have been pretty busy with lots of project planning and preparation, so it was definitely time for a well deserved day off.  That's not to say that too many of the group were in the mood for a snooze or a good book - no this lot preferred to go off white water rafting.
White water rafting
LHS - Barney, Natalie, Katie, RHS - Joss, Tracy, David

A bus journey through spectacular countryside led to Rio Pacuare, listed by the National Geographic as one of the top 5 rafting rivers on the planet.  Suitably attired our intrepid rafters hit the waves and succeeded in staying afloat. Apart from the time that they deliberately jumped ship to float down river, at one with nature, looking up at the rain forest canopy overhead.
LHS - Florian, Karen, Martina RHS - Phil, Clare, Tracey
At one point there was a gridlock incident between two of the rafts, very literally stuck between a rock and a hard place.  But thankfully raft number three came along and shunted everyone free.  That's teamwork!
White water rafting
LHS - Sarah, Pauline, Charlie RHS - David, Vic, Jim
After all that effort and adrenalin there was a chance to dry off and get some well deserved lunch.
Pauline and Martina - rafting lunch
Pauline and Martina enjoying a scoobie snack


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