Friday, 19 October 2012

Alpha 1, Coasting along.........

Alpha 1 with their Day Leader Shirt.
Alpha 1 

Here is a taster of life on the coast to coast expedition as written by our Project Comms Officer Sophie.

Hey there, outside world! This is Alpha Uno reporting 8 days and approximately 102 kms into our first phase of this expedition.  So far, we've seen a large variety of the weather Costa Rica has to offer, from the scalding sun during our first day at the Caribbean Sea to the evening rain we set up camp in last night, we've survived it all! We've also covered a lot of distance over a wide range of terrain, and are feeling rather accomplished!  The map sheet we've just moved off of had roads, rivers and railways and the map we've just began is essentially only contour lines.

A little breakdown of what our days look like: a typical rooster-call wake-up, courtesy of venturer Chama, is around 4 am, followed by a quick breakfast of porridge.  Our early wake-ups allow us to (for the most part) avoid the full heat of the Central American sun.  Lunch consists mainly of crackers, re-fried beans, and if we're lucky meat!  Although we already seem to have misplaced half of a salami.....! Our afternoons contain slightly longer breaks and water refills kindly supplied by locals. This generosity never ceases to amaze us.  All of us have tried some new fruits and had a dry building (community centres) to sleep in with an occasional shower provided to us by strangers.  It's incredible and humbling to experience this great kindness, and all of us are very grateful.

Every day on this trek is a new experience for each of us. As one of the venturers put it "every breath is a new beginning".  We're all learning to be present in the moment, and to appreciate every aspect of this amazing experience that we're so lucky to be a part of.

Alpha 1
They may have been sparkly new boots on arrival  but have certainly now seem some action since  Alpha 1 emerged from several days trekking in the jungle!


  1. Hi Ben Avern Alpha1
    love the photos,your boots look amazingly dirty !!The coast to coast trek sounds incredible,can`t wait to hear about it.We are all following the blog,it`s so good to be able to follow what you are doing.Gwen says she is really jealous and sends her love,David says hello,
    much love Mum and Dad

  2. Beba espero que cumplas muchísimos años mas... Y que la estés pasando súper!!! Te queremos mucho Johann,Jime, Mati y Angie...un abrazo!!!

  3. to Vera Juarez Alpha 1
    Te deseamos lo mejor bebis esperamos la pases genial y que tu cumple haya estado muy bien. Te queremos Johann, Jime, Mati y Angie....un abrazo

  4. Hello David Saw your photo ,looking good!
    Alls well here the sun shone today.XX

  5. Chama Alpha 1

    que rastapunkk pegando tour, buenas vibras mae..que bueno que esta disfrutando yo siempre supe que raleigh era para usted...luego me cuenta el tour cuando este en cuida cabeza de melon.. A pUrO PElUchee..


  6. to rory thompson Alpha 1

    Hey rory, missing you a lot I hope you are having a great time and enjoy your birthday!! I've been having fun we played a great hockey match the other day and beat the side 7-0!!! Not the same without you!! xxxxxx

    jess <3 and angie !! xxx sends love



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