Sunday, 21 October 2012

Alpha 5 versus Los Loros

     Alpha 5 are in Los Loros, a small community near to Achuapa, 50 miles from the Pacific coast, working on a project to develop a gravity-feed water system to provide the community with clean and safe drinking water. This is a much welcomed project for the locals who often have to walk large distances to collect water and are forced sometimes to collect water from polluted streams as there simply isn't enough supply to go around. 

     Alpha 5 have been busy with the community to help find the water source, dam the spring by collecting the water in a cement tank, digging trenches and laying pipes to help supply all the local houses. 

     All the venturers live and work with the local families and join in with the cooking, chores and sometimes helping out on the farms. Alex the designated leader of the day  told me " a few of us have have tried our hand at cow milking without much success and have decided not to give up the day job and stick to trench digging!" They have also been receiving Spanish lessons and have returned the favour by teaching English at the local school.

      When I asked how the project was going today Alex told me "we are currently waiting for cement to be delivered (probably a case of mañana, which means tomorrow or rather not today  "and have therefore arranged a base ball match against the locals. We are expecting to get a hiding but will let you know the score tomorrow evening." 

     Any one like to take bets?????


  1. Victoria Lapsins Alpha 5
    Hi. Sent one message few mins ago but not sure whether it went or not. Cant wait to see photos of you dealing with cement! I am sure you enjoyed helping the children speak english but did they help you with spanish? It sound as if you have been really busy so I am sure you are enjoying yourself. I will ask Krista to send you photos of everyone on facebook after they arrive on Weds. Have been cooking for past 2 nights for them. Gareth thought he would be off this week but not until next so will miss the mob. Sarong will be posted tomorrow so hope it will be with you when you get back. Have fun.
    lots of love Mum and Dad

  2. Laura Perry Alpha 3. Po says Mark says you are making beds out of boo! Can Po have one - no three coz one wouldn't last very long! Have you seen any crocodiles yet? Love Mark :)

  3. For Hester Alpha 5,
    Lieve Hes, mooi 't stukje over jullie groep te lezen. Wat 'n bijzondere ervaring moet dat voor jullie zijn. Ik doe morgen een brief op de bus en klein pakketje met truffel pepernoten, hoop dat ze aankomen. Heb 't goed daar, veel liefs Annemieke

  4. Anna McManus - Alpha 5
    Hi Span,
    Just sitting here on a dark wintry evening and saw that a blog from your group had just come through! Great to hear you've been busy - sounds like hot, hard work though digging trenches! Brilliant about learning Spanish as well as teaching English, playing baseball and milking cows - not bad for a days work! Bru and Jen sent their love -they parked at ours and we took them to Gatwick for a short break in Croatia. Lots of love, Mum, Dad, Dan and Evie xxxx

  5. To Project Comms Officer Sophie LaMarre - Alpha 1

    Hi Sophie D,
    Du hast einen tollen Kommentar geschrieben - wir können uns alles genau vorstellen!! Still hard to imagine that you are actually doing this!!!!! I copy the posts every day and send them to China, as Dad cannot get any blog in China! Hard to believe!

    Hope you have a blast, hope you don't need any of the meds...and is it bug heaven? My qusetion of course:-)

    J and I are having a good time, W might visit on one of the next weekends - so basically everything is quite normal - except that we all MISS YOU!!! Love from TD, J and moi!!!!

  6. Andrea Grundke-Alpha 3

    hey there! Just want to say hello and that we are looking forward everyday to hear something from your group. Everybody in Lucena said hello. I will be in Bkk tom and dad will be in KL. Will be back next week and hopefully to hear from you. Still worried about your trekking shoes. hahaha Take care and we think about you a lot! Love always, Dad and Mum

  7. For Jonas Koch, Alpha 5.
    Jonas, cih hoffe dir geht es gut. Was machen den Bauarbeiten? Ich habe gelesen, dass ihr auch betonieren werdet. Welchen Beton verwendet ihr bei welcher Festigkeitsklasse? In Deutschland ist C30/36 zB üblich. Ne Spaß bei Seite; melde dich mal sobald du Internet hast.
    Du hattest mich gebeten dir die Fußballergebnisse zu schicken. Hier sind die wichtigsten. Heidenheim vs VFL 1:3(Bermann, Staffeldt FE und Grimaldi). Damit ist der VFL zweiter und punktgleich mit Münster.
    Bremen gewinnt zuhause 4:0 gegen Gladbach. BVB vs S04 1:2. Düsseldorf vs Bayern 0:5. Frankfurt hat zuhause gegen Hannover gewonnen. Und jetzt das beste: HSV vs VFB 0:1. Der Rest ist uninteressant.
    Nächsten Montag bekommst du dann wieder eine Nachricht von mir.
    Iss genug (Reis mit Bohnen :P) und bleib gesund. Dein in jeder Sekunde an dich denkender, naja du weißt schon

  8. Hester van Marwijk Kooy - Alpha 5

    zo leuk om deze blog te lezen en je blije hoofd op die foto's te zien!! ziet er zoo gaaf uit!!!! ben echt jaloers en ik mis je hier!
    ga je deze week een brief met een uitgebreider verslag!

    xxxxxxxxxxx joor

  9. Jose David Quesada Murillo, alpha 5

    Josesillo, claro que si claro que siiiiii :), espero que la este pasando de a CACHETEEEEE pero con popi... y di ya tu sabe a mover el bote y a estallarse como un loco sin limite... (al infinito y mas alla) aproveche la vara vea que es ones in a life time... tons muerdase con wila... lleguele que esta guapa... dele una probadita del SABORRRRR latinooo .... hay ÑAUUUU .... y nada cuidese y le mando mil abrazos.

  10. For: Melania Piedra alpha 5

    Melis melis, diay si como dijo el barbero pelo pelo pelo. hahahahahah... no hay nada hay que vacilar ya tu sabe en tapa rabo... la vara esta en arrtarse lo mas que pueda y di llegarle con el felling al chichi que por alla y esta guapechon... y TAZ TAZ TAZ hahahah es vara... di disfrute mucho la vara (que yo se que de fijo se esta reventando) y aprenda todo lo que pueda, riase todo lo que pueda y de todo de usted todos los días,ame a morir y BOOM BOOM BOOM full buena vibra ... la quiero mucho melis... un abrazotee.

  11. To Anika Kandola Alpha 5

    Hi Annie,

    Great to hear that you are having a lovely time. It seems like such hard work but we are so proud that you're getting stuck in. Hope you're eating well (from mum). We don't want you coming home looking like a stick lol. Can't wait to hear all about it when you next contact us. Missing you lots, dad said keep safe. Hope to hear from you soon. Love from us all xxxx



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