Monday, 29 October 2012

And then there were more

Expedition 12L comes in two flavours - a 10 week and a 7 week option.  The 10 week venturers, who arrived a few weeks ago are now coming to the end of phase one and will soon be joined by explorers who are here for the 7 week option. The explorers will choose to do 2 project phases (Community, Environmental or Trek) rather than all 3.

So the new 12L explorers arrived in San Jose last night and made their way to Fieldbase this morning.  Welcomed, as usual, by a breakfast of rice and beans (Gallo Pinto) and the Fieldbase crew.  This morning will be busy with admin, money exchange, swim assessments etc, and then this afternoon it's straight off to jungle camp to learn the joys of building a basha bed and cooking on a trangia (for newcomers please see the Raleigh Lingo on the right hand sidebar, and don't worry you'll get the hang of all this new vocabulary very soon).
Explorers head off to jungle camp
Back row: Vinnie, Franklina, Phil, Barney, Carlyn
Front row: Louis, Jack, Bodyl, Claudia
So as we bring 7 new explorers into the Raleigh fold, the adventure continues...

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