Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Greetings from a muddy Alpha 3

Hello everyone, Alpha 3 here

We have working hard on building and maintaining trails in Carara National Park, here in Costa Rica.  It's a sweaty, humid and dirty job, but we are really enjoying ourselves.  We had a visit from the Fieldbase team who brought us some supplies and they came up with great new games in the evening.

Today we're trying to finish one section of the path.  The massive pile of gravel and rocks outside our accommodation is gradually being reduced with the Herculean effort of the team using a mixture of wheelbarrows and sandbags.

We had to do some maintenance on our water filter system this morning, we need water to drink and cook with.  But if there isn't enough to have a shower hopefully a quick dip in the river later will remove most of the mud.

Lot's of wildlife to be seen and maybe we'll have a visit from the very tame Iguana later today.

Hasta luego
Alpha 3

from Eveline, Project Comms Officer

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