Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Keep on trekking - Alpha 2

After 5 more long days of finding not-so-short-cuts through the jungle, we're now delighted to have made it to day 11 alive and well.  It´s been a hard but successful few days with us overcoming a lot as a group. We're humbled on a daily basis by the kindness of all the Nicaraguan people for inviting us into their homes when it´s pouring with rain and giving us Nicaraguan coffee (THE best coffee we've ever tasted).  It gets us through the 4am wake-up calls, the blisters, muscle ache, sleeping in wet clothes and endless hills.
Arlenne and David
We´re extremely proud of what we have accomplished so far and we eagerly await day 18 where we'll stand at the top of the Cerro Negro with an invisible glass of champagne in our hands celebrating each other for crossing the finish line.
Archie and Harley
We've had as many ups as we have had downs but getting to the end of the day makes it all worth it.  At the end of this Trek we´ll look back fondly at the moments we´ve shared - like Archie waking us up sleep talking at midnight all ready to go, our PM Claudia falling in the mud, the river crossings (always entertaining), pulperias (life savers!!) or our nightly reviews.
Alpha 2 - on the right track
Alpha 2 - on the right track
It's been great spending all these moments with each other and we wouldn't want to share them with anybody else.  Right now we are about to enjoy (I think) a delicious meal that the fieldbase team is cooking for us.  Wish us luck for the coming few days...Deachimba!

Project comms officers -  Puck,  Ben P and Suwen


  1. Laura Perry Alpha 3. Jane, etc went to Whipsnade at the weekend to see the baby giraffe inspired by what you said and had a fab time. She sends her love. Hope the path clearing is going well and you've seen some maccaws. Remember - no touching!!!! Love Mum xxx

  2. gina + rich decker23 October 2012 at 18:36

    ALPHA 2 - Harley Decker. Wow - awesome to see you Harley!! We are so excited for you and so proud of you! We can't wait to see your footage(GoPro!)and hear your stories about your amazing journey and your experiences along the way - fantastic! Hang in there buddy, you look great! Dad and I are celebrating our 19th Anniversary today - thanks to you kid, hahaha! We love and miss you lots! Keep trekkin, make 'Tank' proud! Love+hugs, mom and dad

  3. Suwen alpha 2
    Hey sis hope you doing good tried to send you a message before but it didn't go tru... I'm so hot in Florida and I'm sick agen. Grandma says heeeey and uncle duke , we have to come here it's really nice the house is massive and spacious. Omg where uncle Howard lives they have wild bears walking the streets yes you read right wild bears and they big as well. Hope you get to message me on Facebook what you want for Christmas in two weeks if not will just surprise you anyway. See you soon

  4. Keep on trekking Harley!

    -Cousin Joe

  5. For Diego Molina

    Viene molly, viene molly, viene Molly hahahaha... oiga SE VINO RALEH ARRATADOO pum pa :), molly que buena vibra que es usted al chile, vea ojala que nunca olvide lo que es estar en la cima del cerro negro y ver ese atardeser o amanecer con colores que uno jamas se imagino que iva a ver con sus propios ojos, es una bendición, llenese de esa enegía que ust sienta que BOOM se estalla... full actitud su know entre mas arratado mejor... ust conoce y medio mandece de panza todos los días y nada lo mejor de lo mejor desde qui le mando todo el feeling con muchas sonrrisas y buena vibraaa ... un besotototeeee ... bailelo bailelo ayayayaiiiii

  6. for David Rosam
    Great to see you looking well and positive - I feel all emotional when I think of what you have achieved. Well done you!
    Mum x



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