Thursday, 18 October 2012

News from Nicaragua - Alpha 2

Miratombo Trek, day 6
Alpha 2 having a rest
This trip is not for the faint-hearted but as a team we're strong! Being part of a team helps you overcome any difficulties.  You can lean on your teammates and everybody helps each other along.  The awesome feeling of the team massages, team hugs, getting tortillas from the (always friendly) locals, and just the vibe that's in the air takes every bit of discomfort away and allows you to feel accomplished and proud of everything you've achieved during the day.
Arlene resting tired feet
Arlene resting tired feet
It's funny how easily a person can get used to feeling dirty and not having the comforts that we have at home.  It all makes the experience even more special.  Also being the day leader teaches you to handle a lot of responsibility and helps you grow as a person.  That being said, it's not all fun of course, we work hard, we're all dirty, tired, hungry and have sore feet but still we push forward, smile and think happy thoughts and with every mountain we climb, we look around and see the view and that makes it all worth it.
Diego reaches the top
Diego reaches the top
So we're just going to keep on moving until we get there!

Words by Project Comms officers - Puck and Ben P
Pictures by Arlene


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  2. Laura Perry Alpha 3. Cold, wet and windy here - wish we were there on the Pacific Ocean watching turtles! Beat Mark at Axis and Allies! Am recording American Dad and Russell Howard for you. Just bought first Christmas pressie today!!!Love you loads, Mum, Dad and Mark xxx

  3. Archie - 12L Alpha 2.
    Hope trek is going well - look after your feet and everything else will be OK. Remember when the going gets tough the toughs get going.

  4. Laura Perry Alpha 3. Training Day today so no school! Yippeeee!!! so says Mark. Dad forget his phone this week so hasn't known what to do with himself - no internet access so no news! Aargh! Look forward to seeing your photos.Keep swatting the ants! Love you, Mum xx

  5. Lucia Piedra Castillo19 October 2012 at 12:04

    Hola, Espero todas las personas de este programa esten muy pero muy bien, mi mensaje es para Melania Piedra Castillo ella esta Nicaragua en este momento, esta en el grupo Alpha 5, quisiera que le digan que espero que se encuentre muy bien, que ponga mucho esfuerzo en lo que este haciendo, y que la quiero montones, un beso y abrazos para ella,muchas gracias por darle el mensaje,
    Atte, Lucia Piedra Castillo, su hermana

  6. Shannon Potter Alpha 2.
    Linzi says try not to get any blisters because you always get blisters on your feet!!
    Naomi has a Iron Man t-shirt she thinks you will be very jealous of and Downton Abbey has been very exciting!! She STILL doesn't stop going on about Tumblr and she says she has 150 followers now :) Oh and she met Arthur Darvill and Matt Lewis (Nevill Longbottem)
    The German exchange took over your room but says you are very pretty and asked if you were a model!!!
    Hope all is going well and you are having fun!
    We are all missing you loads
    The Potters+Haynes



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