Monday, 22 October 2012

Nicaraguan road (off road) trip

We are now on day 7, and over half way through, our epic Nicaraguan road trip.  A small but happy band of intrepid VMs, we loaded up our Land rover with salami, toilet paper, refried beans and other essentials and set off in search of trekkers, community projects and adventure.  We found all three.
We had a smooth ride along the InterAmerican highway to make our way to Nicaragua.
We had a much bumpier ride to find the Trekkers, having to rebuild some of the road as we went.
And we had to leave the trusty Landy behind altogether and proceed on foot to find the community projects.

First was a visit to Alpha 2 , the Miratombo Trekkers, who we on fine form having made good time that day to be bang on schedule.  We were able to cook them supper and pass on messages from home which lifted their spirits even further.

Next we spent some time with 2 ICS projects near Achuapa, this is a different scheme to the core Raleigh programme but they do similar projects with local communities to provide running water, coffee drying beds, and supporting youth and women's groups.

Today we are providing another food drop for Alpha 2 who have requested fresh fruit, which will be a pleasure to provide.  We'll stay with them for the night then it's off to Alpha 5 for two nights.

Alpha 5 have requested tea bags, biscuits and candles - they intend hosting a British tea party for their community.  I'm not sure if the candles are out of necessity or just for ambiance; it's all very Downton Abbey.
So for those of you keenly anticipating news of your venturers I should have a lot more to tell you in the next couple of days.  Watch this space...


  1. For Pauline Wright 12L Alpha4. Haven't messaged until now (Just found out how to do it!) Thinking of you lots and lots and hope all is going very well! Love and loads of hugs. More pictures needed!
    Miss you .... Carol x Terry x

  2. Mesaage for Suwen James
    Hey Suwen, Monique and I arrived safely in Orlando. We are spending the nigt with Tish and Howard then travel to unclw Duke tomorrow. I hired a car and so far droving here is not as bad as I anticipated but the real test will come tomorrow. I am shatered so off to bedI go.


  3. For Sarah Flynn,
    Hi Sarah, hope all is well with you and you are enjoying your trip. We are all ok here, Dad enjoyed his birthday and I gave him an Olympics tee shirt from you! He got me some lovely flowers for our anniversary too! The wedding venue sent a form to complete so I spoke to Rebecca and she said you could sign it when you return. Been busy as usual and enjoying following your exploits. love to you and David, when you get to see him. love from Mum and Dad xx

  4. For David Rosam (Alpha 2). Pura Vida! Only just discovered how to contact you, but think about you every day. Hope you are having a great time and the boots haven't given you too many blisters! All ok here. Looking forward to more Blog news - Dad & I check it every day, and Jen keeps up to date too.
    Miss you, love you. Mum xx

  5. For Callum Blues-Alpha 3. Hi Callum. Can't quite believe you have been away for over 2 weeks already! We are missing you and think of you all the time. We cannot wait to find out how you have been doing and If your kit is what was needed- remember what it was like buying it all. Military operation or what! I am going to post a little parcel to you in the next day or two. Not much as we are limited to 2kg am just hoping it eventually finds its way to you. Chloe has had another accident and has broken her wrist this time. She fell while we were out on a walk. Got her welly stuck in some mud. She has a red stookie on and a sling. What is she like? I think I may bubble wrap her soon! I do hope you are keeping well. Feet and esp those knees, etc,etc. Praying that you are. It's so weird not seeing your mud splattered self about cleaning your bike. Hope you are having so much fun and that you do get our parcel. Love you lots Colena Colin, Chloe and Cameron.xxxx



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