Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Recce news from Nicaragua

The parties arrived back from their recce visits in Nicaragua yesterday.  Today they've had a chance to tell us about the things they've seen and the people that they met.

Alpha 2 were in Nicaragua to prepare for the Miratombo Trek, which includes the slopes of the volcano Cerro Negro.
Alpha 2 on the slopes of Cerro Negro
Taking in the vapours - David and Claudia, Alpha 2
This amazing landscape makes the climb up pretty special, but the summit is no less spectacular with great views from the top.
Alpha 2 at the top of Cerro Negro
On top of Cerro Negro - David and Claudia, Alpha 2

Of course what goes up must come down, and the descent brings challenges of its own.
David, Alpha 2, heading down Cerro Negro
David making his way back down Cerro Negro, a little quicker than the route up
Alpha 5 headed up to Nicaragua to visit the community of Los Loros, where they will be living and working.  The guys met with Omar, the community leader, and his family.  After a long journey north they were happy to be welcomed into Omar's home as his guest.
Alpha 5 meet Omar
Florian and Vic, Alpha 5, making plans with Omar

The project will involve bringing fresh water down from the source to supply the local community.  So the first task is to find the water source.  Here Vic and Florian follow one of the village residents; x marks the spot.
Vic finding the water source
Vic locating the water source
As always Raleigh are happy to be working closely with the local co-operative in Achuapa who co-ordinate the projects.  Alpha 5 met up with Nacho, the Secretary, at the co-operative headquarters and saw the work that they do including sesame seed processing and the production of oil, wine and honey.
The Achuapa co-operative
Nacho welcomes Vic and Sarah to the community co-operative

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