Sunday, 28 October 2012

The aliens have landed...Alpha 5

The aliens have landed!  Bleary eyed by our rocky road trip we arrive at the peaceful village of Los Loros.  With our green t-shirts, tool box and strange pills for our water.

Raleigh has journeyed for over two days to help locate, plan and build a gravity water feed to the rural  village of Los Loros.  Alongside Raleigh volunteers, the Achuapa Co-operative group will supply clean water to over ten households and one school.  The remote village of Los Loros is surrounded by beautiful Nicaraguan mountains 50 metres above sea level.
Off to work on the trenches
Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it's off to work they go
The water source is a further 70 metres above.  The local village men, Co-operative group and Raleigh volunteers from all corners of the world will plan and dig trenches through varying mountain terrain to bring fresh clean mountain water to within walking distance of the houses of Los Loros.
We greet the locals who have been awaiting our arrival.  It's just before dusk and outside the home of Maria Jesus we are introduced to our respective families who greet us with a big hug and a beautiful song that references our individual homes.

"Welcome England, welcome Holland, welcome Germany, Welcome Costa Rica, Welcome Portugal.  
Los Loros welcomes you as our children." 

Alex with the Captain
Work mates - Alex and the Captain
We disperse into our houses and gobble a feast of rice, beans and plantain.  No need for an alarm clock here, we rise to the sound of a singing rooster and begin our plans.  My new mother shows us pictures of her 12 brothers and sisters and we are keen to learn of her family.
Bertalina, Miguel and family
Anika, Mela and their new Nicaraguan family
My mum's name is Bertalina and my dad is Miguel, who tells me it was love at first sight when he saw Berta washing in a stream many years ago.   The following morning armed with a bowl, Berta takes me to a stream a few metres below our house where I wash whilst listening to the peaceful movement of water where previously I could only hear my ipod.  I walk back from the stream greeted by a roaring pig.

The community here in Los Loros has welcomed us with open arms, which has made the experience much easier and exciting to experience.  And this is only the beginning of phase 1...
Anika and Anna radio in
Anika and Anna radio in the news
 Project Comms Officer, Anika

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