Tuesday, 2 October 2012

The lie of the land...12L project recce

Each of the PMs, newly formed in their Alpha groups, have spent the past couple of days visiting their projects to familiarise themselves with the lay of the land.  This is an opportunity to check that everything is as it should be and generally get ahead of the game before the Venturers arrive.

The Nicaraguan groups (Alpha 2 and Alpha 5) have just walked in the door, but Alphas 1, 3 and 4 came home to Fieldbase yesterday.

Here is a little flavour of what they got up to.

Alpha 1 - coast to coast
Natalie, Dave and Nicole raring to go
Alpha 1 had the opportunity to walk part of the Coast to Coast Trek with a local guide, sleeping out along the way.  Boots got muddy and t-shirts got sweaty but the view was the reward.
Natalie - coast to coast trek
Natalie watching her footing on the Coast to Coast Trek.
Early morning on the Coast to Coast Trek.

Alphas 3 and 4 are looking after the first Environmental phase based in Carara National Park and at Playa Hermosa.  Whilst at Playa Hermosa the guys got a chance to stay up for a night patrol where they collected 800 turtle eggs and then the next morning they were able to help release 47 turtles back to the sea where they would have the best chance of survival.  Not your average Monday morning, but this is Raleigh.
Releasing turtles
Releasing turtles and Playa Hermosa
Watching the turtles head to the sea
Turtles heading for the sea.


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