Wednesday, 17 October 2012

The man from Head Office...he say yes!

We have a special visitor with us at the moment...all the way from Raleigh HQ. Rahim who is the Youth Partnerships Officer for Raleigh had never seen an expedition in action, and he wanted to find out if all of the good things he was hearing were true.  Could it be as awesome as everybody said?  He is joining us for 2 weeks to get a flavour of what it feels like to be out on expedition.

Rahim - raring to go!
"I've always been a strong believer in Raleigh's work and always knew that the expeditions were amazing but being here has opened my eyes.  It's even more amazing than I thought.  Words can't express how incredible it feels to be part of expedition 12L.  It's such a pleasure meeting all of the venturers, VMs and staff and living an actual expedition.  I'm going to be so sad to leave early and I'll be thinking of you all when I'm back in London. Pura Vida!"

As Rahim is scared of bugs, spiders and the dark we can't wait to hear how he gets on - let's wish him luck!


  1. Message for Victoria McIrvine - Alpha 4
    Hi Tor,
    We're all thinking of you and your waterlogged jungle camp. Thank goodness for the Ranger's house - but presumably quite cosy as probably not designed for twelve smelly venturers to inhabit! Saw a picture of the staple diet, looks delicious - that'll 'air' the old sleeping bag..... Anyway, hope you've all had a chance to dry out and keep up the great work. Lot's of people asking how you're getting on so quite a few blog followers now I think. Looking forward to another pic soon hopefully. All well here. Letters on their way soon. Lots of hugs, kisses and licks, M, D, Yaya and the flf's xxooxxoxxox

  2. Hi Rahim, Hope your surviving and getting lots of use out of your bee keeper hat. Cant wait to hear the stories! Don't let the bugs bite! Jodie (HO) x

  3. To: Evelien Kroese, Alpha 3
    Haha, Mammie en ik zitten heerlijk achter de computer je blog even te bekijken, Fietje doet helaas even niet mee. Haha vind het hilarisch dat jij daar nu zit met al die Engelsen, wel even wennen he..?! Hoop dat je de schildpadden wel heel erg leuk vindt en dat je de humor ed van Engelsen begint door te krijgen. We blijven je volgen snoepie, haha. Heeeel veel kusjes Ca en Mammie!

  4. How's the green net treating you Rahim??


  5. Anna McManus - Alpha 5
    Hi Span,
    Hope everything is going well for you and everyone in Nicaragua. Know that you'll be going for it 150%! I've just come back from a different kind of jungle, Bluewater. Jane and I went there for a few hours today, and I managed to buy a toaster that toasts more than half of a slice of bread! Hope that doesn't make you drool, those rice and beans look pretty good to me. Everyone has been asking about you and I've been telling them about your blog so they'll be looking. Have seen the photos that Mary took last night, and they're really good - hard part is choosing which one/s to enlarge. Off to a comedy night tonight with Kate, Julie, Debs and Phillipa, and Cal is coming over this weekend. At our little post office the guy behind the counter asked me if Costa Rica was in Africa -wouldn't have minded if I hadn't already posted two letters to you!! So if you don't get any letters you'll know why - fingers crossed they have a better idea in the sorting office! Lots and lots of love, Mum, Dad, Dan and Evie xxxx

  6. Matthew Whiteside ( alpha 3)
    Thought you'd be interested in knowing that arsenal lost 1-0 to NORWICH yesterday. You're missing yet another wikid season.
    Miss you lots boo!
    Love you, B xxxx

  7. Suwen - Alpha 2

    Suuuuwwweeeeeeeeeennnnnn!!!!!!! Hi :)

    Hope everything's going great on your trek in Nicaragua (Hopefully I've written the right place lol). Was on the raleigh website and it said you had PLANTAIN and i saw your 'salsa face' :D never seen you smile so nicely...saw all your teeth, even the back ones. I'm actually missing you, not the 'i miss you' you write at the end of a letter but the "I wonder what suwen's doing now...i wonder if she found a local man, fell in love with him and i'll never see her again" type of missing you. Be good, stop playing pranks on people (i know your doing it) and make sure you be spontaneous like Sharee so you have wild stories to tell us. Will message you again soon...<3



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