Friday, 30 November 2012

Digging those trenches... Zulu 4

Here in Los Loros we're all living with our new Nicaraguan families.  For example I have 3 new brothers and 2 new sisters.  My dad is Gonzalo who is a big man who gives big hugs to the whole the family, and that now includes me.  After a hard days work we play games together in the evening and their favourite is definitely Ninja.  I took so many photographs of my brothers and sisters on the first night (they loved seeing themselves) that I ran out of camera battery straight away.  But it was definitely worth it.  My only problem here is that I want to learn more Spanish so that I can really talk with them, so I'm borrowing a phrase book tonight.
Zulu 4 Raleigh chain
Zulu 4 showing us the Raleigh chain in action
The first two phases of Expedition 12L did a great job in building the water tank and bringing water down from the water source to the village.  Our last phase of the project here in Los Loros is to build more trenches so that we can connect the last few houses and a church to the gravity feed water system.  One of the last ones to get water will be my family's home. At the moment they have a long walk to collect water so I know that it will make a big difference to their lives.  We work together as a team, meeting at Ben and Diego´s house every morning to collect our tools - and use the tried and tested Raleigh chain to get the spades and pick axes up to the work site.
Matt digging
Matt is digging this trench building
We have 900m to dig but the thought of how my family's life will improve certainly makes the work easier to enjoy.  We´re probably about a third of the way through now, but we´re all determined to get it finished before we leave.
Suwen and Puck put their backs into it

by Suwen,  Project Comms Officer

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