Monday, 5 November 2012

Quick update - X-ray groups are go

X-ray 1 got to Nicaragua safely, staying the first night in a school in Jinotepe.  They've now started trekking and are requesting extra porridge to keep their strength up.

X-ray 2 arrived at Playa Hermosa and got stuck into turtle patrols straight away.  Rumour has it there was  film crew there yesterday so they could have 5 minutes of fame, at least in Costa Rica.

X-ray 3 have been moving rocks and building paths in Carara National Park.  Oscar, the ranger there, has given them a wildlife tour which everyone enjoyed.  They have upgraded their accommodation to include an outdoor hammock area.

X-ray 4 successfully made their way to Achuapa and then on to their community where everyone came to meet them and helped carry the tools and equipment back to the site.

X-ray 5 enjoyed an awesome welcome party hosted by the community and have spent time getting to know their new mums, dads, brothers and sisters.

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