Thursday, 8 November 2012

Trekking - full time job for X-ray 1

What is your profession? For the past 8 days and the next 11 to come, the answer for X-Ray 1 is trekking, trekking, trekking!

We have re-named ourselves Wolf-gang. X Ray 1 just doesn't do us justice when facing the challenging terrain of these Nicaraguan mountains. There is no doubt that they are beautiful but to get to the top may not take blood, but it takes lots of sweat and yes maybe a few tears! Tears of frustration, but by the end of the phase only tears of joy! Success!
Miratombo Trek
A lot of effort... but worth it for the view
Some of us have caught the trekking bug and have fallen in love with our nomadic lifestyle, others are taking it one day at a time knowing that this is a once in a lifetime opportunity.  Unfortunately for me, 5 star luxury cannot be carried in a rucksack on my back so I cannot have the best of both worlds.  The beautiful sunrises and sunsets don't come with a spa treatment.  The morning sunshine on my tired legs will make do for now until I get home.

Today we have one of our longest days, 19 km so we better crack on. So far we haven't got lost and we can see Volcan Momotombo in the distance so if our map fails us (which it might) we will just follow the mountain home.
Mount Momotombo
Volcan Momotombo - the way home
To all our family and friends wish us all the luck and strength in the world because we are going to need it!  Volcan Momotombo here we come!

from Anika, Project Comms Officer

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