Monday, 19 November 2012

X-ray 4 - full of beans!

We are waking up bright and early every day to mornings that are consistently sunny and hot - we are now in the super hot, dry season.  This ensures that the work is adequately sweaty but we are treated to the cool northern breeze that is a feature of the Nicaraguan highlands.

View from Los Loros
View from the worksite, Los Loros
Having spent a phase and a half digging a 1km trench, we have now started to fill it in again.  Thankfully we did remember to lay water pipes in the bottom first.  The water tank has been installed and is up and running.  It may be made of breeze blocks but we think it is a thing of beauty, it is after all the essential component in bringing water to our community of Los Loros.
Florian in Los Loros
Florian after a hard day's work, waiting for some beans
We are having a lovely time with the community who endlessly show us their appreciation.  This is done most obviously by keeping our stomachs full to the brim.  We are literally and metaphorically full of beans!

by Florian, Project Comms officer

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