Friday, 30 November 2012

Zulu 2...tired but inspired!

It's phase 3, two other Raleigh groups have already conquered Nicaragua's mountains, valleys and volcanoes.  Now it's our turn. We've been well informed; taken lots of zinc oxide tape (for blisters!!!) foot talcum powder and other professional trekking gear.  I think we all were well prepared, but still you have NO idea what the next 19 days will bring you.

Well today is day 5 and I can tell you it's pretty awesome.  At this very moment I'm in my tent listening to my trek playlist on my iPod which I made for those moments I would be in a dark place (hier ann de kust enz, voor de Nederlandse lezers). Totally not necessary!! It hasn't really been raining and we haven't got lost yet.  Of course it's only day 5, but this trek already can't go wrong for me.  The views are seriously amazing.  I'd like to take pictures the whole time but every pictures I take is nothing compared to the real thing ( I can understand you might want to throw up while you're reading is but I just can't really explain how beautiful things are here.)

We climb up mountains and end up in the clouds, 4 hours later we're in a sunny valley with 100 types of different green (I know another vomiting moment).  Every little village we pass we each get 5 oranges or mandarins, 20 different sets of directions to the next village, and the chance to fill up with water.  The Nicaraguans are so kind and generous, whole villages come out to have a look at us; this weird walking group with their houses on their backs.  The locals keep telling us that there is actually a bus that can take us to our destination...we've stopped trying to explain that we want to walk it all.  I say want because these past few days there haven't been any moments that we didn't want to walk.  I'm sure that they will come, but I'm also sure we'll get through them (we'll have to!)
So for all the mums and dads at home, your son/daughter is having the best time of their life.  Giving our booty an amazing workout whilst we're reflecting on our lives.  What else can a person ask for? We'll come back reborn...and really dirty!

To top things off with a last vomiting moment: it feels great to "get out there"!

By Hester, Project Comms Officer

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