Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Zulu 5.. warm hearts, big smiles

After the two day bus journey from Turrialba we were greeted by many open arms and smiling faces in Miraflor.  Straight away the locals were there with a helping hand to carry our rucksacks down the long hill from the main road to their houses.  Their houses are warm, not only because they give us shelter from the fierce wind but the warmness in their hearts makes us feel at home.  We all now have new mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters.
Today we started work and after moving 400 blocks to the foundation of a new house, we can see a smile from ear to ear on the owners face as he could see that his home is taking shape.  In the time that we are here we hope to complete his house and 5 others.
The thing that we are really enjoying about this phase is that we can keep track of the difference we are making, there is visible progress as we lay each brick we're building the community stronger and higher.
As we continue forward with this phase it is easy to return the warm smiles of the locals.

By Ben P, Project Comms Officer

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