Sunday, 16 December 2012

Final goodbye to 12L

So we've now had the final few days take stock ( both literally and metaphorically) of our Raleigh experience.  First job, as always, was to clean team kit, personal kit and yourself - a cold shower has never felt so good.  Then each group held a debrief so that everyone could learn from their most recent experiences on phase.

There was some time in Turrialba for last minute shopping - or buying up the treats that you've missed the most over the past 19 days.  We the final skit performances, and with them the last chance to win ice cream (well done Zulu 5!)

There was time for reflection to consider the Raleigh experience as a whole; how we've challenged ourselves, how we've grown over the expedition and how we can carry on the Raleigh spirit on in to our day to day lives back home.  That evening we wrapped up with a Christmas dinner and party, because even though it's not snowing here it is definitely that time of year.  This was when we presented the "Golden mess tin awards", like the Oscars only better.  Well done to Alex, Tiggy, Omar, Luke and Patrice.

And then before you know it you're loved ones will be back home ready to tell you all their stories, share photographs....and no doubt give you a tonne of very dirty washing!

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  1. Holly Howarth, Group 13A,
    Hi Holz - Our first blog!!
    Hope you had a good flight to JFK (looking forward to hearing from you quickly when you arrive) and safe onward flight to Costa Rica.
    Thinking of you and take good care of yourself.
    Mum' & Dad' XXX



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