Monday, 10 December 2012

Nicaraguan family and friends

Vinnie, Arlene and Eveline with family
Vinnie, Arlene and Eveline with their Nicaraguan family
You'll have seen from the blog so far that each of our Community projects, in La Arenilla and Los Loros, provide a unique experience for venturers.  Whilst we are there we join our communities wholeheartedly; be that at work, at home or at play. 
Andrea cooking tortilla
Andrea makes breakfast
Venturers have relished the chance to be shown how to make tortillas, milk cows and feed chickens.  Our groups have loved the chance to spend time in the classroom teaching english classes (heads, shoulders knees and toes anyone?).
Classroom in Los Loros
Anna, Alex, Jose and Sarah - heads, shoulders, knees and toes!
The language of sport is of course universal with football and baseball providing great opportunities for everyone to join together and get to know each other on the field.  Card games, Ninja and clapping games are other ways to break down barriers.
Aishath and Floor make a friend
Aishath and Floor make a new friend
And of course we work alongside members of the community to provide the water supply or houses.  The families that will benefit from the projects are fully involved very step of the way, from planning and labouring through to creating the structures that will maintain the facilities once Raleigh has moved on to other communities nearby.  They are literally side by side with us as we dig, pick axe and build.

Ben at work in La Arenilla
Ben working with the people who will live in the house we are buiding

Time and time again venturers come back from this phase saying that the best thing was the time spent with their families, the characters that they met along the way and the appreciation of the community for the work that Raleigh has done.
X-Ray 5 and the community of La Arenilla
X-Ray 5 with the whole community

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