Monday, 10 December 2012

Raleigh Chain explained

The quickest way to get lots of stuff from A to B is a Raleigh Chain (or you may call it a human chain if you aren't on expedition.)

If you have 400 mud bricks to move from one house to the next?....then Raleigh Chain.  

Tor and Ben - La Arenilla
Tor and Ben - is that heavier than you expected?
 If you have tonnes of gravel to move up the path?....then Raleigh Chain.
Nicole and Puck - Carara
Nicole and Puck - pass it on

There are lots of tricks to make it more interesting.  Passing on jokes, little known facts or indeed gossip along with that rock or sack makes the time pass more quickly.  Singing is another good way to move things along.  This has been the practice time that has given rise to many a prize winning skit.

And of course we somtimes get some additional help along the way...wheelbarrows are good too.
Little helper - La Arenilla
A little helper gives us a hand

The Raleigh Chain symbolises what were are all about here on expedition.  Working together, doing our share, enjoying the process and achieving results that we wouldn't manage on our own.  The total being more than the sum of the parts.

Arlene and Angel - La Arenilla
Arlene and Angel - have some mud

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