Monday, 10 December 2012

The sun shines on Zulu 1

Zulu 1 send messages home from the Coast to Coast Trek.  The sun came out part way through the filming which, although a good thing for our trekkers, did rather mess up our video.  So apologies for the bright light and hope that you can still make everybody out.

In order you'll hear from Clare, Ben, Bo, Patrice, Lilian, Eveline, Henry, Sarah, Paul, Angel, Mela, Ziggy and Claudia.

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  1. Holly Howarth, Group 13A,
    Just to let you know I shall be returning to Nepal this coming Saturday night (12th) and should be relocating to Vietnam in the middle of February!
    Thanks for the SMS Holz and hope all is going well. Mum' and I are thinking of you!
    Take care and love you lots.
    Dad' XXX



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