Wednesday, 23 January 2013

And I would walk... 250kms over 19 days

Trekking: A term derived from the Afrikaans word trek literally meaning to ‘pull travel’ translated as a long and challenging journey, typically on foot.

Every Venturer on Expedition 13A will take part in one of Raleigh CR&Ns Adventure Projects. A challenging time of discovery and incredible teamwork, the treks will take our teams through beautiful scenery, traversing volcanoes, negotiating rainforests and navigating through a UNESCO world heritage site. A challenge yes, an incredible journey yes, can everyone achieve it - absolutely without a doubt yes.

Alpha 1: The Coast to Coast Trek
Trek Leaders: Colin and Nurse Sarah
Summary: Beginning on the Caribbean Coast and ending at the Pacific Ocean this trek is 270 km across Costa Rica - traversing not just a country but also a continent. It begins in the port of Limon, heading along railway tracks and through small communities to Barbilla National Park . From this point the groups through the Chirripo indigenous territory to Bajo Pacuare. They then head to the beautiful river and over to Tapanti National Park ascending to nearly 3000m through the park before descending to the Pacific Ocean via the Cerro Dragon Peak. Ending after 19 days at the Playa Palo Seco where the groups make their final dash to the sea to celebrate their incredible achievement.

Alpha 2: The Corcovado Trek
Trek Leaders: Sarah L and Chris
Summary: Beginning their trek in La Amistad National Park, the largest national park in Costa Rica and a UNSECO World Heritage Site, the trek takes in beautiful mountains and towering cloud forest. After passing waterfalls and a hot spring (perfect for initial aching limbs) the group will cross the Fila Costena - a chain of mountains that run parallel to the sea. After traversing the mountains the group will finish their trek by crossing the famed Corcovado National Park which straddles the Osa Peninsula, walking through the best preserved tropical rainforest in Central America. Monkeys and Tapirs abound at the end of this trek and the final three days take in the beauty of the Pacific Ocean and the beaches along the coast.

Alpha 3: The Turrisantos Trek
Trek Leaders: Gemma and Dr.James
Summary: Commencing between the two active volcanoes of Irazu and Turrialba ascending to 3000m, on a clear day the group may even be able to sea the Caribbean Sea. Passing from here to the Guayabo National Monument - the ruins of an ancient settlement in the jungle before passing close to Fieldbase and then out to the Tapanti National Park. Ascending again to 3000m  the group will follow the ridges of the Fila de Bustamante towards Cerro Dragon Peak before making their final descent to the Pacific Ocean and a final flourish (and a run no doubt) into Playa Matapalo.


  1. To Kieran Bowen (Alpha 3) Turrisantos Trek)

    Hi from sunny Peasedown St. John. KJ glad to know you arrived safely and you look like you are having an amazing time with many interesting characters! Have a fab time, keep safe and enjoy! Mum x

    Hola Pendejo Kieran, It's your twinnie. Hope all is well! Hope you are getting down with the chicas! Just to let you know. We drew against Liverpool today 2-2. Now 9 points behind United. Dzeko and Aguero scored for us and Sturridge and Gerrard scored for them. We played awful. Have a good time! From Lizzie Silva x

    Hi Kieran, FIFA 13 ultimate team going well. Flannagan has taken over your bed. Chelsea lost 2-3 against Newcastle away. In rugby, Ireland beat Wales, England beat Scotland and Italy beat France. Hope you are having a good time from Niall x


  2. To Robin van Gelderen (Alpha 1)

    Ha nichtje,
    Net de gegevens gekregen van je moeder. Natuurlijk meteen gaan kijken. Lijkt me een fantastische ervaring en zo te zien maken jullie veel plezier. Ben eens benieuwd hoe het je gaat vergaan 19 dagen een trektocht. Veel plezier, ik zal je volgen. Armand

  3. Anouk Nolte A13 expedition Alpha 2
    Lieve Anouk, weer een poging tot een bericht. Inmiddels wel alle foto's en filmpjes gezien. Je bent inmiddels twee dagen op track en we denken aan je! een prachtige track met heel veel uitdagingen op alle gebied. Super spannend, hou vol en geniet! We volgen je en sturen je veel liefs bij deze, kus papa, mama, martijn en een poot van bongo

  4. To Rachel Holey (Alfa 3)
    Have seen u have taken over the map. Ha ha you cannot hide from your mum. Looks as though you are having fun and lots of bonding with fellow adventurers. Hope the trekking is going well, keep safe and enjoy! Love, kisses, and hugs. Mum & dad xxxxxx

  5. Anouk Nolte 13A Alpha DOOOOOS !
    Corcovado Trek !

    Qué mae ! Hoe gaat het !!!
    I can't believe, I'm so jealous this trek is the best trip EVER !!!
    I remember the last year on Valentine's day we went to a wonderful hot springs.

    Have a great trek, enjoy the pork and bean, the tuna yummmi, the blisters haha.
    Enjoy every single second!!!
    Feliz día de la Amistad.

  6. To Natalia Alpha 2 - Corcovado Trek, Costa Rica

    Mi rusita linda, te extraño bastante, espero este todo bien por alla y aprovechando al maximo todo. Ya quiero verte! saludame a la gina cuando la veas. Cuidense y besos a ambas!( Valentine´s day del año pasado... ala!)



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