Thursday, 10 January 2013

Expedition 13A is in flight

Expedition 13A has begun – the expedition advanced team of dedicated Volunteer Managers have descended on Raleigh Costa Rica and Nicaragua’s Fieldbase in Turrialba. We are enthusiastically preparing for the arrival of 24 Project Managers on the 14th January and 143 Venturers on the 29th January.

It is an incredibly exciting time as we prepare for the Raleigh International Volunteers, individuals who are dedicating themselves to working with people from around the world inspiring, developing and challenging themselves; working in partnership, learning to build sustainable communities and conserve the environment.

So who are the advanced team and what do we do?

The Advanced Team top row (l-r): Pedro, Katherine, Vanessa, Greg, Gabby, Alice, Julian and on the bottom row (l-r): Simon V, Jess, Simon B, Dav, Holly, Richard and Pauline 

The team consists of our head honchos Country Director Julian Olivier, Country Programme Manager Pedro Rodriguez and Country Expedition Manager Simon Vorley. A merry band of three who support, train, organise and rally (sorry!) us to be the best we can. They work tirelessly to support all the Venturers, Project Partners, the communities, Rangers and Volunteer Managers, wherever they are across Costa Rica and Nicaragua – no mean feat.

Julian teaching the expedition drivers how to change a tire

Pedro and Simon: blue steel

Our fantastic support crew includes Richard in Finance, who does a huge amount of counting and usually has a calculator in his hand, who will be working alongside Vanessa and Jess who make up our fabulous (and glamorous) Administration Team, keeping us all in line and providing the backbone of Raleigh Fieldbase.

Richard counting

Our wonderful admin ladies

Today we are all getting down to business with a lot of cleaning, counting and sorting but check back tomorrow to learn about the how the other half of Fieldbase live with an introduction to 13A’s Communications, Medical and Logistics Teams. 


  1. For
    Pauline Clarke.
    Expedition 13A.Advanced Team.Vol Mgr Logistics.

    Hi darling,
    No need to ask if you are:
    A-Enjoying your trip!
    B-Working hard!
    It looks like the most fantastic experience,I would imagine your work starts now logistically with the volunteers coming in it says on the 29th,it's what you do well so should be a breeze for you gorgeous once you get stuck in.Have signed up to the blogspot so am seeing something of you most days,great to see your smiley face cos I miss you!
    We had stacks of snow last week very pretty,today it's a sweltering 12c!
    Andy just gone off to Poland til Friday.
    Here's where it gets exciting!!
    I've papered the downstairs toilet!!(told you!and it gets even more exciting!)worktop arrives on Friday so we should have kitchen sink by beginning of next wk!(bet you've got one out there!)
    Em and Michael came out to stay Sat nite,we went up to the Bin for dinner food really good,Em says they bumped into Mike who was de-cluttering his shoes!Have given her your e-mail address,I'm going to mail you too just to let you know I've done this.
    Andy,me and my massive hangover had Sunday dinner at Lisas,she sends her love.
    Are you having to cook much,or do you all muck in?
    I would imagine you have seen loads of beautiful sights,animals,birds etc already,did you go rafting?
    Will stop here as would think you probably have more than enough to do than read this.
    We love you gorgeous P!
    Al and Andyxxxx

  2. For Denise Hurden (Alpha 8):
    Great to hear from you and so glad the first assignment went well- you guys got a lot done in such a short time! We are all well here in Charlotte, even got a little snow! Sure you are crazy busy with the new volunteers arriving and we look forward to hearing about your next project! Take care.
    Love, Martin, Maria, Helen & Hannah



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