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Expedition 13A: Our Incredible Community and Environmental Projects

Over the coming weeks we will be discussing in detail all of the projects Raleigh Costa Rica and Nicaragua will be undertaking during expedition 13A; with information on why those specific projects are chosen and what we are hoping the outcomes will be. However for now we thought you would like to see a quick overview of everything we are doing and who from our incredible team of Project Managers have been allocated to which projects. 

Environmental Projects
Raleigh environmental projects aim to fulfil the UN Millenium Development Goal 7a; reducing loss of biodiversity. Hoping to ensure environmental sustainability through education of local society, protection and preserving natural habitats and resources and also important species of plants and animals.

Alpha 4: Carara National Park, Costa Rica
Holly, Marisa, Lou and Emma
Objectives: Maintaining and creating new trails in the park, increasing tourist numbers and ensuring income for the park and local economy.
Project Managers: Louise, Emma, Marisa and Holly
Project Partners: SINAC
Summary: Literally translated Carara means 'the park of the crocodiles', a beautiful National Park in the South of Costa Rica teaming with diverse species of animals. At the moment the park is suffering from illegal logging and also issues with their trails which flood easily. Raleigh will be helping to create a new trail in a less likely to flood area to try and increase tourist numbers. This increased income will mean more money to fund rangers which will hinder the illegal logging, ensure maintenance of the area and benefit protection of this incredible area for future generations.

Alpha 5: RNVS San Lucas Wildlife Refuge, Costa Rica
Sally, Paul, Kate and Claire
Objectives: Environemental Protection Project - creating new trail, development of visitor centre.
Project Managers: Sally, Paul and Kate
Project Partners: SINAC
Summary: Once a prison, this island is now a wildlife refuge. High in biodiversity, the island suffers from poachers who arrive on a beach which at the moment is inaccessible for Rangers. Raleigh will be creating a trail which traverses the island, between two beaches, ensuring the rangers have easier access in order to patrol the refuge. Similar to Carara the project encompasses helping to develop visitor facilities, tourist monies ensure rangers income and maintenance of the parks.

Alpha 6: Cabo Blanco, Costa Rica
Zoe and Clive
Objectives: Environmental Sustainability Project - working alongside park rangers to maintain park infrastructure
Project Managers: Dr.Zoe and Clive
Summary: Cabo Blanco was set up in order to protect an area of rainforest which was under threat from illegal logging. This area of biodiversity has countless species of animals along it's stunning beaches and within the rainforest. Raleigh will be maintaining the trail network, painting parts of the ranger station and removing unwanted waste from beaches.

Community Projects
Basic Human Rights of education, access to safe clean water sources and disaster relief. 

Alpha 7: Matapalo/ Monte Frio, Achuapa, Nicaragua
Lena and Antonio
Objectives: UN Millenium Development Goal to improve the health of the community through education in water sanitation and installation of a gravity water feed.
Project Managers: Antonio and Dr.Lena
Project Partner: Multi-stakeholder partnership with the local community, Cooperativa Juan Francisco Paz Silva and Raleigh
Summary: Installing a gravity water feed to deliver clean and safe running water to 40 families close to the town of Achuapa, this area is one of the poorest and most remote areas of Nicaragua. Currently the local community use water from the local river which often dries up in the summer and comes from polluted water sources. 21% of the Nicaraguan population do not have access to a safe water source.

Alpha 8: Siares, San Ramon, Nicaragua
Denise, Dav and Marie
Objectives: UN Millenium Development Goal 2: Universal Primary Education, Alpha 8 will be building a pre-school, installing two latrines and a water standpipe.
Project Managers: Dr.Dav, Denise and Marie
Project Partners: A new Raleigh partner UCA San Ramon, an association of small coffee farming cooperatives and families living within the San Ramon area.
Summary: Recent statistics show that 22% of the population in Nicaragua are illiterate. These problems are most felt in rural areas such as San Ramon where half of the population in Nicaragua live. In Siares there is a primary school however the younger pre-school children are educated in the same room as the elder children, a lot of disruption occurs and parents have removed their children entirely due to this. Improved education facilities and the creation of a pre-school will hopefully help achieve universal education in this area.  Participation by the local community is integral and the team will be working on achieving this helping everyone to achieve the basic human right of education and the right to play for the area of Siares. 

Alpha 9: Conte Burika - La Carona
Helena, Shane and Katharine
Objectives: Health Improvement Project, building a health post. This project hopes to improve the overall health of the community in treating conditions from respiratory issues to malnutrition.
Project Managers: Dr.Katharine, Shane and Helena
Project Partners: Conte Burika Community
Summary: Situated in the remote Burika Peninsula, this much needed medical centre will be built in Alto Rio Claro in Conte Burika Indigenous Territory. The Ngobe (or Guaymi) Indigenous people who live there currently, are subsistence farmers who maintain the cultural traditions of their ancestors and the project aims to improve the health of the community. Currently, visiting doctors (who walk 5 hours along a beach to reach the community) provide medical care for the local people at impromptu clinics based in the local school or community centre which makes providing adequate care very difficult. 

Alpha 10: La Arenilla, Miraflor, Nicaragua
Angie, Victoria and Sacha
Objectives: creating sustainable housing using natural materials which ensures the local community can repair their properties themselves.
Project Managers: Sacha, Angie and Victoria
Project Partners: El Foro Miraflor - agricultural cooperatives whose members farm on the Miraflor Nature Reserve.
Summary: The Miraflor Reserve is 206sqkms of beautiful mountainous terrain with various different ecosystems such as tropical savannah, dry tropical forest and mountain cloud forest. This project will be undertaking building of sustainable housing, using natural materials local to the area and in partnership with the local community builders. 


  1. Following your blog with interest, excitement at what you are planning to achieve, and Awed at the enthusiasm you have for these projects. Gods speed

  2. Hi Louise. It's no use trying to hide behind the Expedition Task sheet, we can still see you! Your Christmas tea cosy's have come in very handy for keeping our cuppas warm in this snowy weather. I must admit I have also been partaking of my Mulled Cider to try to keep the cold at bay.I hope by now you've come to see spiders as your 'friends' as they eat large numbers of mozzies and other flying insects ? I bet your KGGS DofE map reading skills have been invaluable to you (Do they have stinging nettles, herds of cows and angry farmers over there?)We have booked a holiday in Mexico at the end of March, so at least we will be in the same continent as you on your birthday, for a change! Anyway Mummy's finished digging the latrine in the garden and hung up a hammock for you between the apple trees, so now we can let out your bedroom to a lodger. Have fun. Louise's Dad xx

  3. Hi Denise - We are following the blog with much interest! Thank you too for the emails. You are all working very hard! Helen and Hannah have been tracking your various locations in their Atlas and are keen to learn more about the pre-school! You are certainly in the right place for weather. Even here in normally temperate Charlotte we've had ice storms and temps well below freezing! We are full of admiration for what you are doing!! Stay well and stay safe!

    Love, Martin, Maria, Helen & Hannah.

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  5. Hello,

    this is a message for Harini Hewa Dewage of team Alpha 8.

    Missing you loads, hope your not being worked too hard in the harsh and terrible terrain of south america... all that sun must be awful.

    cant wait to hear from you and all ur stories,

    love Rob

  6. Hi Clive - Alpha 6
    Never seen you with such a big happy smiling face! Flowers in your hair suit you too. It looks very interesting and today is the start of the "proper bit" You missed out on all the snow at home.Saw Django Unchained with B, Win and Becks last Sunday- we ALL enjoyed it. Win is sue his hip op on March 8th so he should be ready for another road trip by the time you are back. Good luck for this next bit of the experience. Love Sue and Win

  7. To James Taylor Alpha 6
    Hi James, thank you for your message.
    It looks like you are having a great time, we are very envious!!
    No change at home, nearly time for hot chocolate!!
    Take care
    Lots of love Mum, Dad, Jonny,Guy and Tess xx

  8. Greg Obi (alpha 5) Nna m!!! Great to see you in the photos looking well and you seem to be having fun.

    We all miss you loads. All the best.

    Mummy xxx

  9. message for henry ash alpha 10.
    looks like you're having a good time- loads of jobs!mum+ihad vg time with mill skiing- i've not lost the old technique!posh beat leicester on sat.still bottom tho!

  10. Para Jeannina, Alpha 7, hola hija, cómo la está pasando? Hace ya varios días no sabemos nada de tí, espero en Dios todo este bien, cuidese mucho, te extrañamos un montón, saludos te mandan Tutu, Tita, Tati, Pegui, Santi, Mily papi y yo. Apenas pueda me llama porfa. Un beso,te quiero muchísimo.

  11. To:-Elpha Perkins X-Ray 2, Corcovado Trek

    hello monkey
    been updated via this blog thingy with lots of annoying photographs of stunning scenery and slightly bedraggled, but smiley people having the time of their lives. You appear to have been one of them.
    I hope the feet are not too blisted and body and soul are prepared for the next great (and last) challenge. It hardly seems any time ago that we dispatched you with a rucksack full of clean clothes and now you are three quarters of the way through. Take stock. Look around. Experience. Enjoy.

    Love Dad



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