Saturday, 12 January 2013

It’s the little things we do – environmentally friendly living

By the year 2050 there will be 9 billion people in the world and unless we make serious changes there will not be enough resources for everyone, a scary prospect.

Alongside environmental projects that are undertaken, which we will be discussing further in the coming weeks,  Raleigh International believes in living sustainably – there are many things we can do, both here in Costa Rica & Nicaragua but also at home, that will make a difference. Especially if we can positively influence our friends and family to do the same. 

Here at Raleigh CR&N Fieldbase in Turrialba we do a few little things to lessen our footprint on the world. Currently we annually recycle:
  • -       3,600 glass and 5000 plastic bottles
  • -       1,000kg of cardboard and paper – equivalent to 10 trees every year
  • -       10,000 tin cans – saves using 137,000 litres of water during manufacture of new tins.
The recycling area
We also:
  • -       Aim to convert 1,200k of organic waste into fertilizer and gas using our composter and biogas unit. This reduces the amount of methane released and helps reduce global warming. This is equivalent to 3.2 less vehicles on the road.
  • -       Use ‘bags for life’ to minimize oil use and reduce the amount of non-biodegradable items in landfills
  • -       Turn off our 10 computers each night – equivalent annual energy saving of boiling a kettle for 7.5 years
  • -       Fill vehicles and minimize journeys in order to use less fuel
  • -       Turn off lights when not in use to conserve energy
  • -       Limit showers to 5 minutes to conserve water – or do as we do and have cold ones, you won’t be in it for very long!
  • -       Only eat meat once a week in order to reduce methane emissions and conserve fresh water
  • -       Buy locally grown organic food to limit ‘food miles’ and chemical pollution. Which includes our herb garden just a few steps from the kitchen at Fieldbase.
Fieldbase grown chillies
  • -       We also walk to work – a short 100m up the drive – we think it might be one of the best commutes in the world
Pauline commuting

Is there anything else you would like to see us do at Fieldbase to help lower our footprint on the world? How do you live sustainably?

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