Friday, 18 January 2013

Radios, Casevacs and Medical Training

We thought you would like to see what our fantastic staff team have been doing for their first full day of training. After a good nights rest in their new homes (sponge mattresses on the floor, hardcore PMs) the team were at Fieldbase for their induction. Radio training, Raleigh's Health & Safety, what to do in an emergency and how to employ a Casevac procedure were among the topics discussed.

However, before we show the Volunteer Managers (VMs) concentrating and being learned, we will start this blog as we start most of our days... with a Raleigh Energizer:
A game of Caballos

Training begun with how to set up and use Raleigh Comms - the radio. There was a lot of words like ionesphere, co-ax and waves flying around.

You can see here Pedro demonstrating how the T-junction for our di-poles works

Putting our theory into practice on a tree outside Fieldbase

We then had our Health & Safety briefing

A delicious lunch was followed by an afternoon of medical training by our Medic PMs James, Marisa, Sarah, Dav, Katharine, Zoe and Lena. Covering expedition and emergency medecine, the PMs are now trained and ready for every eventuality.

Marisa, Medic PM, helping our patient with his asthma

James, Medic PM, showing us how to use a sam-splint to deal with fractures and sprains

DrABC: Holly placing Katharine, Medic PM, in the recovery position

Our evening session was a discussion and briefing on Jungle Camp. Thursday, Friday and Saturday is spent training and trekking in and around the hills of Turrialba. Lukily we had a very informative session on how to pack your rucksack from the CEM Simon.  
Simon's essential trekking kit

All of the PMs are trekking for a few days but we will all be back and will update you on Sunday about our new jungle skills and our photographer Liz will be providing some brilliant trekking photos.

Pura Vida!

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  1. Message for Louise Robinson (CR&N 13A) (Loulou)
    Hey Loulou, how you doing? Thankyou for my fab text messages, its really great to hear how your getting on and looks like you are having a brilliant time. Guessing you are out on mini expedition so wanted you to have something to read when you got back! Have been checking out the blog on a daily basis and have seen a few photos of you there, its so lush to see your face. Missing you heaps, will send you an email with some piccies of our little house in the snow may take a while, you know what i'm like with technology!Its freezing here again this eve so dont think it will be disappearing anytime soon! spare a thought for us back here whilst your swanning around in the sunshine!
    Take care you, thinking of you loads, have fun sweet pea, your Richie xxxxxxxxxxxxx



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Pura Vida!